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You’re all moved in to your new place and your movers did a great job. Now comes the awkward part- when and how do you tip them? Do you have to tip them? How much do you tip? At Established Moving & Storage, we’re here to take the worry off your plate. Learn how, when, and how much to tip your movers so you avoid that awkward moment when you aren’t prepared. You can count on our Seattle local movers at Established Moving & Storage to have your back. Relax. We got this!


When to Tip

Any good moving company is there for you from beginning to end during your move. You should receive the best quality service throughout your move. But know this- you are never required to tip your movers. You should only tip movers if they do a good job and you feel comfortable tipping them. Remember, your Seattle full-service movers only get a fraction of what you paid for your move, so it can be nice to tip for a job well done. But, if you are not satisfied with the service you receive, the answer is easy: don’t tip.

Tip your movers the right way.


How to Tip

Make sure that you’ve talked to your moving company in Seattle to learn their policy on tipping before moving day. Know the rules of your moving company so you don’t put your movers in a tough spot. If you tip on the bill, it must go through the accounting department, and could take weeks for the movers to see the money. Tip each mover individually, not just the foreman, to make sure the money goes to everyone. This shows that you appreciate the hard work of each mover. It also helps ensure that all movers are properly tipped.


How Much to Tip & Other Options

If you are treating your movers to lunch for their hard work, avoid getting pizza. Let’s face it, most people choose to buy pizza for their movers. And frankly, your movers might be tired of pizza by now. Instead, ask them what kind of food they like, and go from there. Make sure you have water, soda, etc. for them as well in case they are thirsty. Avoid beer though- your moving company probably has a policy against movers drinking on the job or accepting alcohol as a tip.


You can tip a flat fee or a percentage to your movers. Your crew should get a flat fee of about $20-$30 per mover, or $40 for a more complex job. Your foreman should get a little more, about $50 per standard move and $75-100 for complex jobs.


If you have questions about tipping, call 888-648-1886 or contact your Seattle movers at Established Moving & Storage. Relax. We got this.