SeattleSoftware Companies in Redmond, WA Make it the ‘Tech Capital’ of the State

November 20, 2018by Established Moving

While the city of Redmond, WA officially holds the nickname of the Bicycle Capital of the Northwest, it is more well known as the Tech Capital of Washington State. East of Seattle and on the northern shores of Lake Sammamish, Redmond is nationally recognized as the central hub for technology in the Pacific Northwest due to the numerous software and other high-tech companies based in this scenic city – most notably Microsoft and Nintendo of America.  

History of Businesses in Redmond, WA

The first industries that prospered in Redmond after it was settled by homesteaders were fishing and logging. When the dense forests faded out by the 1920s, Redmond’s economy depended on agriculture until the 1970s when service and high-tech industries started to fuel commercial growth in the city [1]. It wasn’t until the 1980s that Redmond became internationally recognized as a center for technological innovation. That’s when Bill Gates and Paul Allen decided to move the global headquarters of Microsoft from Bellevue to Redmond [2].  

The Rise of High-Tech Companies in Redmond, WA

After Microsoft set up its headquarters in Redmond, more companies from the high-tech and software industries followed suit and set up offices in the city. While Microsoft remains the area’s top employer [3], there many software companies and high-tech companies in Redmond, WA. With an exciting tech startup community, that number continues to grow [4]. Other high-tech companies in Redmond include:  

  • Nintendo of America
  • AT&T
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Accenture
  • Aerojet
  • and many more!

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