2020 Home Décor Trends You Might Want to Incorporate Into Your Home

As we enter into the new decade, giving your home décor a refresh seems like a great start to the new year. In a decade dominated by Instagram-worthy neutrals and other quickly adopted millennial design trends, 2020 home decor trends are leaning toward more bold choices and taking inspiration from the past. While our Seattle moving company specializes in addressing all your relocation needs, we also keep up with the news of other related industries. This helps our Seattle local movers and customers stay informed. Here is a list of some of the new home décor trends of 2020 that you may want to incorporate into your own homes.

Bold Colors

The 2010s in home décor has been characterized by neutral color palettes with plenty of white. That may change in 2020 as a growing number of interior designers and homeowners are embracing bolder colors and bright monochromatic decor. Shades of cobalt blue, navy, peachy pinks, and even deep purple are showing up on walls, ceilings, cabinets, furniture, and textiles. You too can add more color into your home by either incorporating pops of color or changing a whole room’s entire color scheme.

High Contrast Palette

For homeowners that aren’t ready to fully embrace a whole new bold color palette, mixing high contrast colors within a home’s décor is a great choice. White and neutrals are balanced by bold pops of color. While white kitchens are out, mainly neutral kitchens with colorful cabinets are in. Color is reserved for trims, fixtures, and key pieces of furniture. Black and white palettes are also having a moment.

European Farmhouse

Due to its popularity during the last decade, farmhouse design inspiration is not one of the new home décor trends of 2020. But its focus on European farmhouse chicness rather than your typical American countryside charm keeps this trend fresh and new.

“A fresh take on British farmhouse without being stuffy or dusty. Pulling from classic prints and materials while adding whimsy. This trend is all about mixing patterns, antique with new decor as well as paying homage to the countryside with botanicals and muted primary tones.” – Rebecca Breslin, Wayfair Professional 1

Natural Elements

Real houseplants will continue to be a popular home décor trend. They bring in greenery and fresher air, serving as large décor pieces at a comparatively affordable price. In addition to plants, designers are introducing more natural materials into home décor. Rattan, wicker, and bamboo furniture is having a comeback and they aren’t being relegated to outdoor spaces anymore.


If remodeling your home or refreshing its décor means you have to temporarily move out of your place, our emergency movers have got you covered. For more standard relocation needs, our Seattle full-service movers can get the job done the first time! Contact us or call for a free estimate.



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