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Our Top Ten Moving Tips

Moving is a frustrating and complex process, but it doesn’t have to be a negative one. At Established Moving & Storage, we work hard to make sure you have an easy and stress free move every time. Here are our team’s top tips for moving.

Avoid Moving Scams

Trusting your move to just anyone can get you into some sticky situations. One of the most important parts of the moving process is finding a reputable moving company to do the job right. You hear about moving scams all the time and moving fails are shared all over the internet. Avoid being a part of moving company scams or a moving fail by doing your diligence on the movers you hire. Our team at Established Moving & Storage has put together a list of tips for you to find a reputable moving company like ours for your next move.

Comprehensive Moving Checklist

Our expert movers have put together the following moving checklist to make your life easier. No matter how big or small your next move is, relax. We got this.

The 411 on Moving Insurance

Hiring even the best moving companies means trusting strangers to handle your most precious belongings. Moving fails happen more often than the industry would like to admit. Make sure you avoid a moving fail disaster by purchasing the right kind of moving insurance. Our experienced full-service movers at Established Moving & Storage put together this information to make sure you understand what options are available to you and what will work best for your move.

Get Organized for Your Commercial Move

Our expert commercial movers know that moving your business can be stressful. From cleaning out and packing up your office to moving out all that heavy furniture and supplies, it can seem like an overwhelming amount of work. Not to mention, this is all on top of your day to day responsibilities for the job! At Established Moving & Storage, we’ve come up with some important steps to save money and avoid unnecessary downtime for your business.

Why It Pays to Hire Full Service Movers

Thinking about hiring a professional, full-service moving company to handle your next move? It’s definitely a smart idea. Many people wonder if it is cheaper to hire movers or to simply move yourself. While in the short-term, moving yourself may be the cheaper option, there are hidden costs and detriments to doing so.

Packing Tips for Your Next Move

Don’t let packing get the best of you. Follow these packing tips from our expert movers to make your next move easy and hassle-free. Our premier relocation services will handle every aspect of your move from start to finish.

Procrastinators: Here’s How to Execute a Last-Minute Move

Our full-service movers are here to help you make a last-minute move a little bit easier. We know that procrastination can get the best of us sometimes. Here are some tips from your local moving company to make your move possible.

What You Need to Know About Long-Distance Moving

Count on our team of expert long-distance movers to get your next move handled. Our South Florida moving company has the know-how and experience to get you moved affordably and efficiently.

Our Top 5 Tips to Stay Stress-Free During Your Move

Moving to a new place can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Our professional full-service movers have come up with a list of their top five tips to stay stress-free during your move.

What You Should Know Before Accepting a Corporate Relocation

Moving for work seems like an exciting prospect. Our corporate movers give you a list of things you should know before accepting a corporate relocation.

Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Moving Day 

Whether you’re on a budget or just want more money to spend on what matters to you, our professional movers want to share some tips on how we can work together, and you can receive professional service.

Office Moving Timeline

At Established Moving & Storage, we’ve developed a basic office moving timeline your company can follow to execute a smooth office relocation.

Packing Supplies 101

When you start packing, you’ll realize that there are many kinds of packing materials to choose from. Our full-service movers compiled a list of packing supplies and their uses.

How to Make Your Residential Move Fun for Kids

Moving with children is uniquely challenging. Stress levels can run high for both you and your kids. There are multiple ways you can help your kids cope with a residential move. Our expert residential movers show how you can even make it fun!

Benefits of Moving in Winter vs. Summer

Should you move in the winter or the summer? Our team of expert full-service movers has put together a list of benefits for both winter moves and summer moves.

Commercial Storage and Warehouse Services at Established Moving & Storage

Established Moving & Storage can serve as a fulfillment warehouse, FF&E supplier, office equipment supplier, and business supplies wholesaler for your business.

The Benefits of a Labor-Only Move

Investing in moving labor services is typically a more affordable alternative to hiring full-service movers. Here are other advantages of labor-only moving.

Unique Challenges of Moving into a Home in the Middle of the City

There are a few unique difficulties of moving within a densely-populated urban area. Heavy traffic, limited parking, and multi-story buildings to name a few.

Room By Room Packing List – Living Room & Bathroom

Our movers follow a similar packing list by room, so we can vouch for its effectiveness. Start with a room that has the most items you don’t use regularly, whichever one that is.

Room By Room Packing List – Bathroom

In the first part of our “Packing List by Room” series, our movers gave tips on packing up your living room and bedroom. In part two of this series, we explain how to pack a bathroom for moving.

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