Find the Best South Florida Movers Here

Find the Best South Florida Movers Here

Our moving company in South Florida is committed to customers, premier service, and hassle-free relocations. Stop wasting your time searching for the best moving companies in South Florida, you are at the right spot.

Established Moving & Storage proudly serves the residents and businesses of South Florida. We offer highly-rated relocation services at affordable rates to the communities that make up the tri-county area – Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties. Whether you only need moving labor help or want your move completed professionally from top-to-bottom, our expert South Florida movers are here to ensure every step of the process goes smoothly. Trust our highly trained moving crews to deliver a stress-free move every time.

Local and Long-Distance Moves

Our movers in South Florida are certified to execute both local and long-distance moves throughout Florida and all over the country. Registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, our full-service moving company in South Florida can complete any move within the state as well as interstate moves. Moving to a new neighborhood a couple of miles away or even a new city, our local movers will relocate you in quick time. Relocating to another state, our long-distance movers have got you covered. Trust us to stay on budget and safely deliver your items on time.

Expertise in Motion: Long Distance Movers in Miami

In the bustling city of Miami, our experienced longdistance movers form an indispensable component of our services at Established Moving and Storage. With the city’s vast layout and numerous neighborhoods, some relocations demand more than just a short haul. It’s during these moments that our team of professional Miami longdistance movers truly shines. Providing an extensive range of services, from packing to transportation and unloading, our longdistance movers in Miami ensure your transition to or from the area is smooth, efficient, and stress-free.

Our specialists in Miami and Coral Springs have honed their skills in managing longdistance relocations and understanding the complex logistics involved in cross-state or even international moves. Trust us to handle your precious items with the utmost care, from custom packing to careful assembly of your furniture.

Miami Movers

One of the most popular cities in South Florida is Miami. Miami is a popular destination for many because of its thrilling nightlife, beautiful beaches, and exciting neighborhoods. Our South Florida movers provide excellent benefits for those looking to relocate. Firstly, Miami is a bustling city with a vibrant lifestyle, and navigating its busy streets, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area, can be challenging. Professional movers with local knowledge can help you plan the most efficient routes, navigate through traffic, and find the best access points to your new home. Everyone knows that Miami has quite a hot and humid climate. This makes the physical task of moving more demanding. 

Fort Lauderdale Movers

Nestled on Florida’s southeastern coast, Fort Lauderdale is a lively city celebrated for its breathtaking beaches, vibrant downtown, and charming canals. Experience the city’s buzzing nightlife, explore its cultural gems, and soak in the energy of its thriving yachting community—Fort Lauderdale promises an exhilarating coastal adventure like no other. Like Miami, there are many different neighborhoods in this city, which makes it a difficult place to move for many. If you are going to be moving to this city, you are going to have to count on the assistance of professional movers in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale movers know the city and how to navigate the many highways and roads that connect it to other parts of South Florida. When it comes to moving in Fort Lauderdale, professional movers are vital for a hassle-free transition. With their knowledge and skills, they take care of logistics, heavy lifting, and transportation, guaranteeing a seamless experience. They navigate busy streets and safeguard your belongings, making the process efficient, secure, and worry-free.

Hollywood, FL Movers

Located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood is a dynamic city renowned for its stunning beaches, bustling boardwalk, and eclectic dining options. This kind of area is a popular destination for people to move to because of the many beautiful neighborhoods and high standards of living. If you are interested in moving here, our moving professionals are here to help you. Hollywood movers know the area like no other, and our Florida movers are the best in the business. 

Coral Gables Movers

If you are interested in Coral Gables, movers that are experienced with the area are your best bet. Coral Gables is an area of Miami that our professionals are experienced with, and we cannot wait to transfer this experience to you thanks to our professionals in the area. Local moving companies that are based in South Florida are here to help you understand that moving does not have to be a complicated process.

Miami Beach Movers

There are many reasons why someone would need to move to Miami Beach with moving professionals. Miami Beach is known for its high-rise buildings and narrow streets, which can present challenges for parking and navigating moving trucks. Experienced movers are skilled at maneuvering through these tight spaces and ensuring a smooth and efficient move.

Boca Raton Movers

Boca Raton is a city known for its affluent neighborhoods and gated communities, which may have specific regulations or restrictions for moving trucks and access. Experienced movers, like our best movers in South Florida, are familiar with these requirements and can navigate them smoothly. Additionally, Boca Raton’s residential areas often have large properties with valuable items, necessitating careful handling and packing.

Residential Moves with Specialized Expertise

From house to apartment movers, our residential moving crews have the services for your next move. Take the stress out of moving into a new home by hiring our South Florida movers. Established Moving & Storage, our residential moving company, will send a highly trained crew to your door. They will take a thoughtful approach to your move, carefully packing your belongings using high-quality packing supplies and offering a comprehensive selection of services to meet your unique needs. From top-notch packing services and emergency moving services to piano moving and specialty installations, we guarantee your move will be done right the first time.

The Advantage of Local Knowledge: Miami Local Movers

At Established Moving and Storage, our local movers in Miami are seasoned experts of the city, well-versed in its unique traffic patterns, parking regulations, and neighborhood-specific challenges. Their in-depth local knowledge translates into an efficient moving plan tailored for the smoothest possible transition. When relocating within Miami, where each neighborhood offers a distinct experience, the expertise of our local movers proves invaluable. They ensure compliance with any specific building or neighborhood regulations, handling necessary permits or paperwork with precision. Trust us for a seamless move, no matter how Miami’s landscape changes from one neighborhood to another.

Moving Services for Businesses and The Workforce

Our wide range of commercial moving services and storage solutions can be used by both companies and their employees. Established Moving & Storage does not only relocate families and residents, our relocation services extend to businesses and professionals that call South Florida home. Business owners or managers that need to relocate their companies should call our professional office movers. Employees and new hires looking to relocate for a job position, our South Florida movers can guarantee that your corporate relocation will be a breeze.

A Quick Peek at South Florida

A coastal region in the Sunshine State, South Florida is both a playground for the rich and a great place to raise a family. Considered a world-class destination, South Florida cities are characterized by canals and beautiful waterfront properties. Ideally situated on the Atlantic coast, the area is also known for its white-sand beaches, yachting industry, and popular Spring Break season. While South Florida’s sunny weather and multi-cultural flare are a vacationer’s dream, plenty of residents love to call the area their full-time home. Made up of world-renowned cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton, South Florida is an ideal place to raise a family.

Moving with a Gentle Touch: Miami Piano Movers

Transporting pianos is a task that demands both strength and finesse. Given their hefty weight, delicate internal components, and unwieldy shape, maneuvering pianos through narrow spaces or up and down stairs can be a daunting challenge. Miami, known for its array of architectural styles, often presents unique obstacles for piano transportation. With Established Moving and Storage, these hurdles are expertly managed by our professional piano mover in Miami, providing peace of mind to those with this beautiful yet bulky instrument.

Excellence in Every Move: Fort Lauderdale Movers

We take immense pride in our reputation as one of the best moving companies in Fort Lauderdale. Whether it’s a local transition within the city or a long-distance relocation from areas like Miami or West Palm Beach, our Fort Lauderdale movers are prepared to assist. Our broad range of services also extends to Delray Beach and includes top-tier storage solutions in Coral Springs and Broward County.

Discovering the Palm Beaches: West Palm Beach Movers

West Palm Beach, with its upscale living conditions and beautiful neighborhoods, has become a popular moving destination. To cater to this growing demand, we provide specialized local and long-distance moving services for this vibrant city. Whether you need storage solutions or comprehensive moving and transportation services, our West Palm Beach movers at Established Moving and Storage are ready to help.

Moving to South Florida

Preparing to move to South Florida anytime soon? Here’s some helpful moving advice from those who live here. Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Boca Raton are probably the most well-known cities in South Florida and, therefore, attract plenty of millennials and young professionals seeking a lively community and easy access to the area’s top dining and nightlife spots. The city’s elite settle into affluent neighborhoods like Coral Gables, Las Olas, Rio Vista, and Palm Beach. Suburbs like Weston, Parkland, Kendall, Hollywood, Davie, Sunrise, and Boynton Beach are top spots for families offering close-knit neighborhoods and high-ranking schools.

At Established Moving & Storage, our reliable full-service movers in South Florida would love to hear from you. Schedule your next move by giving us a call or contacting us for your free moving estimate today!



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