A Guide to Broward County Beaches

There are many reasons to consider a move to the amazing area of Broward County if you are in the process of organizing a move to South Florida. One of the main reasons to move include the amazing Broward County beaches that will be right in your backyard. Besides the fact that every beach is beautiful in its own unique way, there is also the afforded comfort that comes to the residents of the cities that make up the county. Established Moving & Storage, the expert movers South Florida trusts, have years of experience in the area. We would love to make getting to which beach in Broward County is right for you easier by presenting our top three picks among them.

Dania Beach in Broward County

Our list of the best beaches in Broward County starts off with a favorite among the communities that love leisure above all else when they are soaking in the sun on one of the many Broward County beaches. Dania Beach is located in the least densely populated area of the three but is also the most focused on relaxation and leisure. This beach is also known as a Broward County dog beach, which means that pet owners will love to spend their afternoons there with their furry friends. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more fast-paced, then there are certainly more options apart from the dog beach Broward County residents love!

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale is a city known for its fast-paced lifestyle and exciting opportunities for fun. The Broward County beaches that call this area home are no different in that regard. When compared to Dania Beach and many others in the area, Fort Lauderdale Beach is seen as more of a “party.” Relaxing by the waves is accompanied by amazing bars, stores, and nightclubs! If you’re in the mood for excitement on the beach and a fun night out after, then any beach in Broward County’s city of Fort Lauderdale is sure to fit your specifications perfectly. If you’re looking for a leisurely experience but still do enjoy the prospect of a busier atmosphere surrounding your day, then look no further.

Hollywood Beach

When looking to mix the best of both worlds that the previous two Broward County Beaches can offer, there can be no other alternative to the excellent Hollywood Beach. Located in the city it is named after, just south of Fort Lauderdale, the city is known as the tamer version of Fort Lauderdale beach while still having a reputation that is exciting and adventurous. Find your Goldilocks Zone and stop by this amazing attraction. Of course, the ones who enjoy this beach the most are the ones who call this area home. With Established Moving of South Florida, you’re going to get there in no time.

Moving to Broward County with Expert South Florida Movers

Be sure to team up with the movers South Florida trusts next time you’re considering a move to, within, or from the area by getting in touch with Established Moving & Storage. Get started on your move today, or read some of our other blogs to get further insights from the experts.


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