The Benefits of Hiring Labor-Only Movers

Moving into a new home is a complex and time-consuming process. Having professional Seattle movers help you with your relocation project can lift a lot of the burden and stress from your shoulders. If you want to invest in as little effort as possible into your move, a full-service move is the ideal option. If you move with our moving company in Seattle, Established Moving & Storage, our Seattle full-service movers will take care of every step of your move from packing all the way to delivery and unpacking.


On the other hand, whether due to preferences or certain limitations, a full-service move may not be for you. Fortunately, our team of Seattle local and long-distance movers also offer labor-only options for every move we are tasked to complete. And while this option will take a bit more work on your part, there are still plenty of advantages of a labor-only move.


Affordable Options for Tighter Budgets

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of hiring labor-only movers is that it’s typically a more affordable alternative to hiring full-service movers. So, if your moving budget is limited and you want to stretch your dollar when hiring professionals, streamline your spending by hiring our Seattle labor-only movers and only investing in moving labor services.


You can pack up your household by yourself, but you may still need help moving furniture and carrying other heavy items. Spend some money on moving labor help and hire movers to move furniture and take care of loading and unloading your moving truck. You can save the rest of your budget for other things.


Our Seattle labor-only movers will come with the right tools at no extra charge and handle all the heavy lifting. Protecting your home by laying down carpet film or felt pads as well as handling specialty installations are also encompassed by our moving labor services. Pick and choose which services you need and which ones you don’t for maximum savings.


Complete Control Over Packing

Another advantage of a labor-only move is that you get complete freedom when it comes to packing up your personal belongings. Many people prefer their possessions not be handled extensively by moving professionals, who are effectively total strangers. While lifting them into and off of a truck is fine, actually having movers be inside your home for an extended stretch of time and touching all your things may be a problem for some people.


Whether that’s the case for you or you would just rather have full control over how your things are packed and which packing supplies and moving boxes are used in the process, a labor-only move may be the best choice for you. DIY packing will be a greater time commitment on your part, but it may be well worth it.


Want to find out about other advantages of a labor-only move? Call us at 888-648-1886 today, a member of our team will happily speak with you. Contact us for a free, no obligation estimate for our moving labor services.


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