Best Beaches in South Florida

Florida is known for its sunny weather and sandy beaches. That’s why it’s called The Sunshine State. If you’re planning on moving here, Established Moving and Storage has multiple locations here and can give you a guide to some of the best beaches in South Florida. 


What Beaches to Go to in Florida

There are so many beaches to choose from in South Florida. Let’s get into some of the best ones and some essentials you might need! 

Beach Essentials

South Beach 

Starting us off is one of the most well-known beaches in Florida – South Beach. A favorite spot of our Miami movers, it’s located in Miami, FL, and it is most recognized for its glamorous scenes and nightlife. Along with the sand and water sports, South Beach is also full of celebrity chef eateries, so once you come in from soaking up the sun, head on over to chow down on some delicious food. 


Fort Lauderdale Beach 

Next up is Fort Lauderdale Beach, located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Fun fact about this beach: it is Blue Wave Certified. This means that it not only meets but passes the strict environmental standards for cleanliness and sustainability. Here we have an average temperature of 75.5 degrees Fahrenheit1 so, unless it’s raining, it’s pretty much always beach-going weather.


Pompano Beach

Another Blue Wave Certified beach, Pompano Beach, is located where the Gulf Stream bends right between Hillsboro Beach and Fort Lauderdale Beach. The bend makes the water warmer here, which is why this is a great spot for fishing, playing in the sand, and doing water sports. All this, paired with great restaurants and hotels to stay at, makes visiting or moving here very enjoyable. 


Delray Beach

Last but not least is Delray Beach. It was once known as the “Most Fun Small Town in the USA”2  because of its many restaurants and things to do! The center with the most action is Atlantic Avenue which runs all the way to the shoreline of the beach itself. It’s easy to grab a bite of great food here after you’re done soaking up the sun since it’s filled with shops, restaurants, and bars. Also, along the shoreline, you can find farmer’s markets and places to enjoy some water sports. It’s an easy beach to make everyone happy! 


While these are some of the best beaches in South Florida, they are not the only ones. There is so much more this little slice of paradise has to offer. Whether you’re coming for a visit or thinking of making the big move, you’ll always have something to do. If you are thinking of moving, don’t forget to contact us so we can help with the transition. 



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