Best Places to Live for Young Adults in Everett

The city of Everett is the beautiful gem of a city that is often hidden behind the sheer size of its neighbor Seattle. Everett has become popular among young adults looking to plant their roots in a more lowkey and peaceful part of Washington state. So, if you’re a young adult in need of advice for the best places for young adults to live or the best places to live for young couples to live in Everett, consider this guide provided by our professional Everett packers and movers the best place to start!

South Forest Park 

South Forest Park comes in at #3 on our list of top three neighborhoods for people within the young adult age range. The reason for this is that although it may lack the glamour of the other two listings, it is still a beautiful and affordable place to start your life in Everett! Boasting some of the best Everett restaurants there are, great bars, quaint coffee shops and some seriously affordable housing makes this the go-to spot if you’re looking for a lower-priced place that still offers amazing experiences!

Northwest Everett 

Do you enjoy an amazing bar and restaurant scene? What about a more calm and comfortable suburban living situation? How about parks galore? If you answered yes to these questions then look no further than Northwest Everett, WA as the destination of your next move! With a more suburban feel, it is perfect for those young adults looking to start families in a serene locale. You will know it’s the right neighborhood for you when you see all the lovely green areas your children will be able to enjoy! These amazing features help clock in Northwest Everett in the number 2 spot of best places to live for young adults in Everett!


The Established Moving company team had to think long and hard for our top pick of best places to live for young adults within this lovely city, and in the end, we found no other possible choice. Bayside takes the gold! This neighborhood isn’t just the best neighborhood for young adults or just one of the best neighborhoods in Everett, this neighborhood’s one of the best neighborhoods in all of Washington State! Its amazing combination of all good things from both urban and suburban living makes it a dream for all, its amazing restaurants and bars will ensure satisfaction at any establishment, and its great public schools provide your children with an amazing education. When moving to Everett, WA there can be no other top pick than Bayside!

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