South Florida Hurricane Preparation

If you are a new or soon-to-be South Floridian, then you may have started to investigate what to expect from life in your new area. You likely have found that there is great importance placed on South Florida hurricane preparation. If you are new to the area or just haven’t had to prepare for a hurricane before, then Established Moving & Storage is here to help.

Below we provide a complete hurricane preparation checklist as well as the reasons why having these hurricane preparation supplies is so important. As a South Florida moving company, our team has years of experience in providing relocation services. We know the importance of being well-prepared for all aspects of life in the sunshine state. If you are about to go through a hurricane or just want to be prepared for the next time hurricane season comes around, then this guide is made for you.


Steps for Hurricane Preparation in South Florida

Having a hurricane preparation guide ready to deploy is what it takes to be a well-prepared new resident of the South Florida area. Our residential relocation specialists are the best movers in South Florida. We have experience with preparing homes and traveling with residents from all over the country, enabling us to provide this list for South Florida hurricane preparation with confidence:

  • A list of emergency phone numbers to keep handy.
  • Board up windows with wood or impact sheets.
  • Have an easily accessible first aid kit.
  • Locate a potential shelter should your home suffer serious damage.
  • Have 3 to 7 days’ worth of canned or non-perishable food and 1 gallon of water per person.
  • Keep all important documents in a safe place where water is not likely to enter, and damage to these documents can be avoided.
  • Have your home’s fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Have your gas tank filled up for emergency movement.
  • If you own a garage, if possible, move all vehicles in there.
  • Clean up debris in your backyard to reduce the number of items that could be blown against or into your home. Any backyard furniture should be brought indoors.
  • Keep away from windows. They could shatter and cause injury to those near it.

Following these steps is a great way to ensure that you’re staying safe and keeping your home away from danger as part of your South Florida hurricane preparation. But why is knowing what to buy and what to do during one of these storms such an important thing for current and future South Floridians to know?


The Importance of Your Hurricane Preparation Plan

As expert South Florida movers, our team of residential relocation experts knows that although many may understand what to do during a hurricane, some may not grasp the importance of their Florida hurricane preparation plan. Hurricanes can cause irreversible property damage or physical harm if a homeowner is not prepared for the potential force of the winds, water, and debris that could hit their house. The hurricane preparation items you acquired during your preparation stage could be the difference maker, turning what could have been devastating into nothing more than a bit of extra cleanup work.

South Florida is an amazing place to call home, but you need to be prepared for one of the few things that could get in the way of that experience being anything less than perfect. The best thing you can do while moving in South Florida, especially during hurricane season, is to team up with the leader among moving companies in South Florida and get in touch with Established Moving & Storage!


Our South Florida Residential Moving Services

If you are considering a relocation to, from, or within our service area, then be sure to get in touch with our South Florida movers. Get premier moving services at a reasonable price. Our movers in South Florida are equipped to handle residential relocations for families in the area as well as commercial moves for businesses going through a change of scenery in the area.

Get an online quote today to get started on making your dream move a reality, or read some of the other articles our South Florida movers have written to get more insights like these. Making your move perfect is our company’s aim. Our expert movers are the ones who make it possible. 


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