Guide to Buying a Lake House in Seattle

Questions to Ask When Buying a Lake Property

Seattle is bordered by two major bodies of water – Lake Washington on the east and Puget Sound on the west. Coincidently, the city is one of the best places to buy a lake house. As a top-rated Seattle moving company, we have helped many families move into lake houses in Seattle and its surrounding counties. When you are looking for a lakefront home, there are a few considerations to make before signing your name on the dotted line. Here are some important questions to ask when buying lake property.


What Are the Best Places to Buy a Lake House in Seattle?

When buying lakefront property in the city of Seattle, there is plenty of choice in location. There are many gorgeous neighborhoods in Seattle right on the banks of Lake Washington and Puget Sound. Some of the most stunning lakefront houses in Seattle are found in the neighborhoods of Windermere, Laurelhurst, Briarcliff, Broadview, Madison Park, and Denny-Blaine – to name a few.


Is a Lake House a Good Investment?

In Seattle, lakefront property is relatively rare and therefore very much sought-after and valuable. The appreciation rate of lakefront properties rises each year by around 4 percent [1]. Many people who purchase a lake house are investing in a vacation home. So, while not on vacation, lakefront homes can be rented out for top dollar. Just make sure that the lake house you buy is in an ideal and popular location.


Ask About the Lake When Buying a Lake House

Not all lakes are alike. When considering Seattle, Lake Washington is a fresh water body, while Puget Sound is a salt water inland sea. That is why some of the questions to ask when buying lake property should be about the lake itself. Does is regularly flood? Are there seasonal storms? Fresh water, salt water, or a mix of both?

“Homes on the water take twice the abuse of a regular home. Homes on the ocean have it especially rough. The salt actually gets thrown into the air when the water evaporates, causing massive rust and oxidation.” – Krissie Cole [2]

Once you know more about the actual lake, then you can check on the property – inspect the bulkheads, check for dock permits, proper storm protection, and flood insurance requirements.



[1] JWB Real Estate Capital – Is Lake Property a Good Investment?

[2] Krissie Cole – 9 blunders to avoid when buying waterfront property

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