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November 30, 2021by Established Moving

What are the Best Things to Do for Christmas in Seattle?

Every city has its unique holiday traditions and being in Seattle during Christmas means that you have the ability to see some of the most amazing and beautiful festive displays in the United States. If this is your first Christmas in Seattle, you may not have the experience and knowledge of the area necessary to sniff out the most treasured things to do during Christmas in Seattle. In order to help out everyone in this situation, our expert Seattle movers have made this guide of the absolute must-do Seattle area Christmas events! 

Christmas Market

If you’re looking to spend your Christmas in Seattle doing some quaint activities that are sure to leave the entire family charmed, be sure to check out our Christmas Market! This market is home to homemade goods made in our very own community. This European-styled open-air market is a perfect way to get the whole family involved in a memory building and simply charming experience.

Seattle Christmas Boat Parade

When it comes to Christmas events in downtown Seattle, you can’t really get anything much better than the Seattle Christmas boat parade! Our city is surrounded by a lot of water, so why have a traditional parade when you could have a much more unique and fun experience by taking it to the water? When you’re feeling festive this boat parade is one of the things that makes Christmas in Seattle so unique and fun!

Denny Park Light Show

One of the absolute best Christmas things to do in Seattle has to be taking a walk around Denny Park and taking in the light show. Most light shows are designed for people who are sitting in cars or are otherwise unable to move much, but not in Seattle! A Christmas in Seattle has to be unique, and a light show for this day in our city must also be just as unique. This light show is actually specifically designed to be enjoyed by walking pedestrians not ones stuck in one spot. You will feel as though you’ve become part of the show and in many ways, that’s the most exciting bit.

The Best Movers in Seattle

Now that you’ve got a list of things to do around Christmas in Seattle, you’re ready for your move to our lovely city! And when you do decide to move be sure to contact the best movers in Seattle, Established Moving and Storage! Get an online quote today or call us at 866-606-1333 to learn more.

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