How Not to Move a Piano

Having to move a piano is no easy task. From the sheer heaviness of it to the specific ways that it needs to be handled, it’s important to contact professionals to get the job done. Our piano moving service in South Florida and Seattle is here to make your move as simple as can be. Avoid a moving fail by hiring trusted moving professionals from our team at Established Moving & Storage. Our team of experienced movers is highly trained in handling and transporting a piano. We can assure you that no damage will be done and your highly appreciated instrument will be transported safely and securely throughout the relocation process. Whether you need a long-distance moving service for your piano or some reliable local movers, we are the South Florida moving and storage company that you need.


Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Move a Piano

When moving a piano you want to get the piano in your moving truck first. Leaning it against the back wall of the moving truck is the safest place for both your piano and your other items. Putting your piano towards the back of the moving truck means it can move and crush your items. This can damage the piano or worse, fall out when you open those truck doors.


Do Not Move a Piano by Yourself

Moving a piano yourself is highly not recommended. Not only could you injure yourself, but tipping the piano can harm the interior setup of the instrument and warp the frame. We highly urge you to look into hiring some help to move a piano, rather than trying to handle it on your own.  Make sure you use a piano board, a small indoor bodyboard that will ensure your piano gets down the stairs with minimum bumps and shifts.


Don’t Move a Piano Without Covering It

Make sure you wrap up your piano safely. Though it is heavy, it’s a delicate instrument that can easily get scratched, legs can get broken, or keys can get damaged. Avoid a moving fail and a lot of scratches by simply covering and wrapping the piano in plastic or quilt padding.


Do Not Lift and Carry When Moving a Piano Upstairs

A piano board or ramp is important. A piano is too heavy and too fragile to survive too much lifting and transporting. Make sure you use a ramp or piano board whenever possible to avoid damaging the piano or causing injury to your friends and family.


Choose Our Piano Movers Today!

The best way to move a piano? Leave it to the professionals! Avoid the stress of moving your piano by calling our Seattle movers at Established Moving & Storage. We will make sure you don’t experience a moving fail. We pride ourselves in providing the absolute best customer service while also providing a smooth moving experience. Contact us today if you have any further questions or concerns regarding our moving services. Feel free to receive a free, no-obligation moving quote today!


How to Not Move a Piano Infographic

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