How to Move a Pool Table

People have many items in their homes for entertainment, socializing, and relaxation. Playing pool is a popular recreational activity that brings family and friends together. Owning a pool table allows homeowners to enjoy a fun and competitive game while adding a stylish and inviting element to their living spaces. Since pool tables mean so much to homeowners and renters, moving them to their new locations is a top consideration for people who will be relocating. If you are wondering how to move a pool table, our South Florida movers are here to explain the process. Continue reading below to learn more. 

How Hard Is It to Move a Pool Table? 

Moving a pool table can be quite challenging due to the size, weight, and precision required to disassemble, transport, and reassemble it correctly. Standard pool tables can weigh between 500 and 1,000 pounds or even more, depending on their size and construction. Safely moving such a heavy item is a major challenge. On top of being bulky, pool tables are delicate. They have delicate components like the slate playing surface, which can easily crack or warp if mishandled during the move. Ensuring the pool table keeps its integrity is integral to the billiard experience. In fact, proper leveling and alignment are crucial for a pool table’s playability. Any misalignment or damage during the move can affect the table’s performance. 

How to Move a Pool Table a Few Feet

There might be an occasion when you will need to move a pool table a few feet. Our Broward County movers would like to point out that doing so is obviously much easier than moving a pool table from one home to another. However, it is important to note that moving a pool table, even just a few feet, should be done cautiously to ensure the table’s structural integrity and level are not compromised. When you are looking to move a pool table a few feet, the primary consideration is to make sure that the area and path to it are clear. After you clear the area around the pool table and create enough space for movement, get help and gently pick up and move the table to the new location in the home. Our long-distance movers in South Florida recommend that you place sliding mats if the table is large or you do not have enough help to pick up the table to move it.

How to Move a Pool Table a Short Distance

To move a pool table a short distance, consider using sliding mats. To use sliding mats to learn to move a table, you must lay the mats out to have a trail leading to the new area. After laying these out, you need to lift the table and use the mats to slide it into its new position in the home. These sliders not only make heavy items easier to move, but they also prevent your floor from getting scratched. 

How to Move a Pool Table Downstairs

Moving a pool table downstairs is a challenging and potentially risky task due to the weight and size of the table. Hiring professional South Florida local movers for this job is highly recommended. However, if you are unable to hire professionals and you need to move one downstairs, you will need to make sure that you have the correct tools for disassembling it upstairs and rebuilding it downstairs. Moving a pool table downstairs without disassembly is extremely difficult and can be dangerous without professional help. 

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