How to Move Out Of Your College Dorm or Apartment

With graduation season on the way and the coronavirus outbreak causing the shutdown of numerous universities around the country, knowing how to move out of your dorm or rental apartment is a top priority. Moving out of a college dorm or residence is different from moving out of a regular home because there are rules you need to follow. Also, you will likely be studying for and taking your finals all the way up to the mandated move-out date. Our Boca Raton movers have compiled a list of dorm moving tips so that when move-out day comes, you won’t be so stressed and overwhelmed with the process. Follow these tips when moving out of your college dorm.

Know Your School’s Move-Out Dates

At least a month before the end of the semester, you should already know the date you are required to move out of your dorm room. For larger dormitories or campuses, you will either be assigned a morning move-out time or an afternoon move-out time. It is also important to know this information. For a morning move, you may already want to take some of your stuff out the night before.

Start Packing Before Finals

Since many schools schedule their move-out dates right after or during finals season, it’s better to start packing early so that you still have time to study for your exams. When you are in university, education is key and studying for your exams should always take precedent. But you don’t want to leave your packing for the last minute. If your college residence has too much stuff for you and your family to tackle by yourself in the limited time frame, you can always call on our residential movers in Boca Raton to pack up everything in just a few hours with our professional packing services.

Declutter Your Books & School Supplies

To make sure all your things fit into your family van or moving truck, it’s a good idea to get rid of some things you no longer need. Textbooks are bulky and heavy things. Chances are you don’t want to be lugging those up and down the stairs. Return textbooks you rented and, unless you need them for your next semester, consider selling the textbooks you bought. You should also sort through your school assignments and papers. Only keep the projects you are proud of and make sure all your important essays are digitally saved.

Clean Up & Check For Damage

After you or our Boca Raton local movers have packed everything into sturdy moving boxes, take some time to clean up the space. Vacuum the floors and wipe down surfaces. Some colleges charge fees for dorms that are left dirty. Another important thing to do is check for any damages – dings in the wall or scratches. Use a magic eraser to clean off marks and use small amounts of wall spackle to fill in any holes in the walls. Take pictures just in case you do get fined and would like to contest the charges.

Find A Moving & Storage Company

If you are moving out of state or your family doesn’t have enough room to fit all your college in their home, you may need to invest in temporary storage. Move with Established Moving & Storage and can also provide temporary storage solutions at our protected warehouse. We can keep your things safe and secure until the next semester. Our South Florida moving company will then deliver your things to your new dorm or college residence. Call 888-343-4755 to get your free estimate or book your move today!

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