Intro to South Florida Real Estate

Real estate in South Florida is exploding! With so many new families and companies moving into the area, there has been an increase not only in population but also in opportunities for businesses and people alike. If you are among the many looking to call this paradise home, then it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of what the South Florida real estate market currently looks like. Established Moving & Storage has years of experience in servicing the community as South Florida movers and is always happy to share some of the insights they have learned along the way.

Prices of South Florida Homes for Sale

Many people moving to one of the many cities in the area are looking into buying homes in South Florida. Whether it is an investment property or a home for you and your family, there are still many things to consider before signing on the dotted line. Our South Florida moving and storage professionals have noticed a trend in rising home prices which can provide a good future for residents and investors.

If you are looking into South Florida real estate as an investment, then the rising prices mean that as the market continues to grow, you could sell it for more than you purchased! And as rental properties, the rising rent averages mean that it could prove a savvy place to put your money. If you’re looking at some South Florida homes as potential permanent residences for your family, then it is a great time to get into the market since it’s only going to grow from here.

Interested in Apartments for Rent in South Florida?

Apartments and homes for rent in South Florida are always a great alternative for singles and families alike who are looking to live in the Sunshine State but either do not want to or cannot afford to purchase a home yet. Similarly to house purchasing prices, the average rent in South Florida is on the rise. Though this may be worrisome for some prospective renters, you have to keep in mind that this trend is being followed by most hot spots in the country and is by no means unique to this area.

Even though South Florida real estate purchasing and rental prices are rising, there are plenty of opportunities here for people of all ages. Plus, this area is beachside and a year-round sunny paradise. There isn’t a price you can place on the lifestyle this provides.

The Best Movers in South Florida Are Here to Help!

If you are interested in South Florida real estate and want to make this area your new home or investment opportunity, be sure to complete your relocation with the residential movers and commercial movers that South Florida trusts by getting in touch with Established Moving & Storage! You can get an online quote to see what your moving cost will be, or read some of our other moving articles to get further insights into all things relocation.


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