Why Labeling Your Boxes is Important


Anyone can tell you that it’s important to be organized during a move. But what if we told you it pays to be? Staying organized and on top of your moving process can actually save you time and money in the long run. Things as simple as creating an inventory list and labeling your moving boxes can make a big difference. How? Our Seattle full-service movers are here to explain why.


Pro Tip – Create an Inventory List

When you finally get down to packing and getting organized for your upcoming move, it’s important to start off by making an inventory list. Not only will this ensure you didn’t forget to pack a specific item or an entire room before the big day, it will also ensure you know where everything is when you arrive at your new home. This inventory list doesn’t have to list out every item you own down to the specific number of spoons or t-shirts, but should be detailed enough to ensure you’ve covered everything you own.


Label Your Moving Boxes

Once you start packing things up, make sure you not only label the outside of the box with what’s inside it, but give the box a number. This way you can add that number to your inventory list. For example, if all your kitchen utensils go in Box #3, make sure you write that on your inventory list so when it’s time to unpack, you don’t have to tear apart all ten kitchen boxes to find those utensils. You can even give each room a color and mark it that way, instead of writing it out. If you have seasonal clothing or décor you won’t need for a few months, it’s easy to find the right box and store it away, without taking the effort to unpack it. Think about how quick and simple the process will be when you don’t have to waste time searching each box for a specific item.


No matter how big your move is, our Seattle full-service movers can help make it a success. We offer a wide variety of moving services to meet all your needs. Leave the hassle of your next move to our team at Established Moving & Storage. Relax. We got this.


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