Latinos in Florida: A Look at Florida’s Hispanic Community

South Florida is known for many things. Beautiful beaches, amazing skylines, great weather year-round, and the large Hispanic community that calls the great state of Florida home. The state has been influenced not just demographically but also culturally by this diverse group of Latin Americans, even in ways that many may not have realized. Established Moving & Storage, a South Florida moving company that has serviced the area for years, know this population well, and takes a closer look at how Latinos in Florida have influenced and shaped our home state.


Prevalence of Hispanic Heritage in Florida

The Miami Latino population is well-known and world-recognized. This is largely due to the fact that this diverse group makes up roughly 70% of the city. But did you know that the rest of Florida is also home to large centers in some of the most Hispanic-friendly cities in the country? As stated before, South Florida is home to the largest slice of the demographic, with the Fort Lauderdale and Miami Hispanic populations encompassing the majority of the area. But the rest of the state has more than its fair share of Latinos in Florida! The state as a whole is about 25% Hispanic, meaning that the cultural significance of their presence is felt almost no matter where you are.


How Hispanic Floridians Have Influenced the State’s Culture

If you’re looking for the influence Hispanic Floridians have on the state, just take a look around! You’re bound to see many restaurants, stores, and stands that are themed for a Hispanic country. Many people in this state speak Spanish at home, at stores, and at work. The multi-cultural melting pot that is Florida is truly amazing to bear witness to.

Another reason for the constant connection to roots that you’ll notice among Latinos in Florida is also due to the location of their home state. Cuba, South America, and Puerto Rican flights are never more than a few hours. This means Latino Florida residents are constantly visiting their mother countries or receiving visitors from their mother countries. The amazing culture that this significant demographic of people brings with them is just one of the many reasons that relocating to South Florida has become an experience that few will want to miss out on. And if you are planning on moving to South Florida, then we know just the team for the job.


The Movers South Florida Can Trust

The Established Moving and Storage movers in South Florida provide expert services at a price that won’t break the bank! Get an online quote today to see for yourself just how affordable and amazing relocation solutions can be. Interested in learning more about our services or the areas in which we offer them? Get in touch with our team or read some of our other articles to learn more.


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