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Musical instruments, especially pianos, are very delicate. So, it is best to leave piano moving to trained moving professionals. Pianos are one of the most difficult household items to carry and load up into a moving truck. They are oddly shaped, incredibly heavy, and prone to damage due to their hollow wood structure. To avoid damaging your musical instrument or hurting yourself, let our piano movers in Seattle handle moving your piano during your next relocation. We have the expertise and equipment to get the job done safely for all types of pianos. If you need help moving your piano, call Established Moving & Storage!

Licensed & Insured Piano Movers in Seattle

As a licensed and registered moving company in Everett, WA we are proud to offer piano moving and storage services as part of our convenient relocation services packages. You can trust our piano movers in Seattle to successfully deliver your musical instrument to your new home damage-free. Since moving a piano is a complex process, it requires careful handling and the right tools to do it properly. It also requires multiple movers to carry. With a focus on teamwork and safety, you can depend on the moving crews in Established Moving & Storage.

Grand Piano, Upright Piano, & Electrical Piano

There are many types of pianos, with grand pianos, upright pianos, and electrical pianos being common options. All types of pianos are not lightweight items. Upright pianos start off at 300 hundred pounds and only go up in weight. Grand pianos can weigh up to 1,400 pounds! While some electrical pianos can easily fit into a portable case, some models are large enough to require professional help to move them. Luckily, our piano movers in Seattle, WA are experts at handling all types of pianos. We’ll move them out of your home and load them into a truck even if there are multiple stories and stairs involved.

Reasonable Piano Movers in Seattle Cost

At Established Moving & Storage, our piano moving services are reasonably priced. One way our residential movers in Seattle drive the prices down is by streamlining the piano moving process as much as possible. After years of experience helping families move into new homes, we know how to pack and load a piano in less than an hour. From disassembling a grand piano and wrapping an upright piano in protective materials to carrying a piano down a flight of stairs and rolling it into a truck, our piano movers in Seattle can get the job done.

Using only trusted equipment like dollies, ramps, and heavy-duty moving straps as well as high-quality packing materials like moving blankets and stretch wrap, our full-service movers in Seattle can ensure your piano stays protected throughout the moving process. At Established Moving & Storage, our moving crews have the know-how and experience you can trust to provide you with a damage-free delivery for all your household belongings.

Piano Storage Solutions

Move with our local moving company in Seattle and you can benefit from our convenient short-term and long-term storage options. If you need to temporarily store away your piano during the process of transitioning into a new home, our secure and climate-controlled Seattle storage facility is available. There we offer piano storage solutions for as long as you need or until you schedule a re-delivery.

Ready to schedule your next move? Contact us or call our offices to get a free moving quote today! We will customize our moving, packing, and storage services to fit your needs. Should you need to relocate a piano, our piano movers in Seattle, WA are here to make the process safe and easy.





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