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Moving to or away from South Florida? Whatever storage needs you have, Established Moving & Storage has the services to meet them. If you are looking to temporarily store away some of your items or need long-term Fort Lauderdale storage units, we have what you need at our secure storage facility.

Fort Lauderdale Storage

Since we are a full-service South Florida moving company, we offer both moving and storage services to our residential and commercial clients. We want your move to be as easy as possible for all our customers. Established Moving & Storage has what you need whether you only need labor-only movers or want to take advantage of our professional packing services and storage units in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Should you need to put some or all of your items into storage before, during, or after a move, contact our Fort Lauderdale movers and warehouse experts. We will match you with the storage option that’s right for you.

Temporary Storage Services

There are a number of scenarios where you may need to put your items into storage before or after a move. You may be moving out of state and your move-in date is scheduled a considerable time after your move-out date. What if you are temporarily moving out of a dorm, only to move back in once the next semester starts. It could also be a scenario where you new place does not have enough room to fit all your stuff. For whatever reason, our short-term storage units in Fort Lauderdale, FL can accommodate your needs.

If you are storing your belongings for only a few days or weeks, we will keep them in one of our state-of-the-art moving trailers. That way, redelivery is simple and easy. For month-to-month storage rentals, we will unload your items into one of our short-term storage units until your scheduled re-delivery date.

Long-Term Warehouse Storage

Need to store away your items for a longer time period? Established Moving & Storage also has the Fort Lauderdale storage units for that in our climate-controlled storage facility. After taking a detailed inventory of your items, we will transfer them from our trucks into our easy-to-move wooden containers, separate from any other items in the warehouse.

Using high-quality packing supplies, we will pad and protect the inside of each wooden container to ensure everything stays safe and damage-free during its time in storage. Should you need to access your things while they are still in storage, our warehouse is open during regular business hours. Once you are ready, give us a call to schedule redelivery.

Convenient Moving & Storage in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Need storage in Fort Lauderdale, FL during your move? At our secure warehouse, Established Moving & Storage can safely store your items until you need them again. Since we want to give all our customers stressless moving experiences, we offer flexible storage options for both residents and businesses. Call our team today and we’ll help you choose the most economical option for you. Take control of your storage needs with our expert team at Established Moving & Storage. Relax. We got this.

Local and Long-Distance Moves

Whether your move is local or long-distance, our Fort Lauderdale movers are certified to handle both types of moves. Each one of our moving trucks is painted with our license numbers, indicating to customers that we can take on their move whether it’s just to another nearby neighborhood or across the country. Registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, our South Florida moving company is authorized to complete any relocation with the state as well as interstate moves. Wherever your next move takes you, our local movers and long-distance movers are here to help.

Easy Residential Moving

Moving into a new home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with our Fort Lauderdale, FL moving company on your side. Our residential moving crews have the experience and expertise to give you a stress-free and easy house or apartment move. As a trusted residential moving company, Established Moving & Storage will have a highly trained crew at your door.

With professional packing services and high-quality packing supplies, our Fort Lauderdale movers can pack up your entire household within a few hours. With a full selection of services, from piano moving and specialty installations to emergency moving services. With a full-range Fort Lauderdale moving services, our crew take a thoughtful approach to moving that always puts the customer first

Corporate Moving Services

In addition to residential moves, our moving company in Fort Lauderdale also handle commercial moves and corporate moves for the businesses and professionals that call South Florida home. Both companies and their employees can take advantage of our cost-effective commercial moving services and storage solutions. Business owners looking to relocate their businesses into new offices or spaces, give our professional office movers a call. Employees and new hires that need to move for a job offer can depend on our corporate relocation movers.

Relocating with Established Moving & Storage

If a move to or from this sunny South Florida city is in the cards for you, our moving company in Fort Lauderdale well-equipped to help make your relocation a hassle-free one. At Established Moving & Storage, every team member at our full-service moving company will work hard to give you an enjoyable experience regardless of your needs. Schedule your next move by giving us a call or contacting us for your free moving estimate today!



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