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Jason Crossen & Steve Horowitz

Founders of Established Moving & Storage

From 1992 to 2017, Steve & Jason separately owned and operated multiple successful moving and storage companies. They oversaw a fleet of hundreds of trucks and crews on a daily basis.


During their time managing offices they created and implemented processes that improved operations from hiring, dispatch, sales, and motivation to ultimately provide service above our customers expectations.


Steve & Jason built their brands in several markets around the country and quickly became leaders in the household goods moving space.


With over 25 years of operational and leadership experience in the moving industry, Steve & Jason have hired and personally trained thousands of employees, watching them transition to be leaders in their roles, and be successful advocates of “doing it right”, which in the moving and storage industry is definitely a hit or miss.


They have both always enjoyed the challenge of taking on new ventures, laying down strong foundations, and building operations that took pride in the customer experience.


With that in mind and over a dinner one night, Steve & Jason decided they would love to work together to build a successful Seattle moving company with nationwide reach. And so… Established Moving & Storage was born!


There is only one thing they want their customers to know when they walk through the door:
Relax. We got this.