Managing Holiday Stress During a Move

The holidays can be a stressful time for all of us. Add in going through a move, and your holiday stress level can shoot through the roof! Luckily there are ways to cope during a move. It is possible to lower your stress levels whether you are moving alone or relocating your entire family! Established Moving and Storage’s team of expert movers have made this guide to help those of you looking for ways to stress less during the holidays.

How Does Handling Holiday Stress Alone Work?

If you’re not spending the holiday with anyone else due to the relocation you’re going through, do not worry! There are plenty of holiday stress management tips that are meant to be applied by people who are on their own. 

    • Keep Fit: Eating better and keeping yourself active feels amazing and is sure to help keep our mind off of the stress of a holiday move and more focused on getting a good amount of food and exercise done during the season. Not only will this occupy your mind, but you’ll also be getting healthier at the same time!
  • Make Some Crafts: What would the holidays be without decorations? When you’re alone, going through a move, and are stressed, you absolutely must occupy your mind with tasks that will keep you both creative and happy. Making some ornaments or even some gifts may be just what you need.

How to Avoid Holiday Stress with a Group?

If you are moving from one house to another, there is a good chance that somebody is helping you move. Whether the helper is a friend or family member does not matter when it comes to managing your holiday stress. Having somebody with you can make all the difference.

  • Play Games Together: When it comes to holiday stress tips for coping, simply distract yourself through games with friends and family. By playing games with your friends, you’re not only getting a very healthy interaction, but you’re also distracting yourself from the stress that a holiday move can bring!
  • Slow Down and Talk: When you’re experiencing stress during the holidays, it seems like nobody will be able to understand and help you through your experience. This simply isn’t true. The person you are with, be they a friend or spouse, is probably going through the same thing at the same time as you. Open up a little bit. It’s sure to do you good.

The Seattle Movers for You

Hopefully, these holiday tips are of some use to you and your family during your holiday move. If you want to make your move stress-free, be sure to contact the best movers in Seattle! Our moving services are sure to keep your stress levels at an all-time low! Get an online quote or reach out to us at 888-343-4755 to learn more today!

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