How Not to Move an Aquarium


Moving an aquarium? Don’t try and tackle the task on your own- let our experts at Established Moving & Storage help. Our Seattle full-service movers have experience moving all kinds of tricky items and will ensure your aquarium gets to your new home or office safely. Relax. We got this.


Here’s some tips on how NOT to move an aquarium.


Tip #1: Don’t leave your fish inside.

The first thing that goes when you move an aquarium is the filtration system. Without a flow of oxygen in the water, your fish and plants will be unable to breathe. Especially if you are moving long-distance, you should make sure your fish and plants are placed in a holding container. Many people decide to sell off their fish prior to a move and restock in their new destination. If you don’t want to do that, make sure you have a plan to move your fish in a temporary container with plenty of oxygen.


Tip #2: Don’t leave the water in the tank.

Seems simple, but many people try to leave the water inside and lug the aquarium to their new home or office to save the bacteria colony that’s built up. Not only does this make moving the aquarium a lot harder, if you are moving long-distance the bacteria colony will die from a lack of oxygen, so you’ll have to dump the water anyways once you arrive.


Tip #3: Don’t drop your fish and plants back in the aquarium right away.

If you move long-distance, you will need to clean out and reset your tank before you reintroduce your fish and plants to the environment. You’ll want to clean your filter and allow it to go through a cycle before replacing your fish. Make sure your fish have somewhere to stay while you wait. Once your aquarium is back up to snuff, you can add your fish and plants back in.


infographic that details how to move an aquarium

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