Benefits of Moving in Summer vs. Winter

Comparing the Benefits of a Move in Summer vs. Winter

More than 40 million Americans relocate every year. That’s a lot of moves to schedule. Our Seattle movers and Everett movers know you want to plan the most affordable and efficient move possible. But wait – does that mean you should move in the summer or the winter? Never fear, our team of expert full-service movers has put together a list of benefits for both a summer move or a winter move.


Benefits of Moving in Summer infographic

The Benefits of Moving in Summer

Good Weather

Moving in the summer is so popular because the weather is warmer and more pleasant. You can avoid dangerous road conditions and hopefully (though unlikely here in Seattle) avoid the rain. Warmer weather is a big benefit to a summer move.

School Is Out

School’s out for summer! The words of Alice Cooper are a big reason why many families wish to move in the summer. Pulling kids out of school in the middle of the school year to move to a new city can be disruptive to their education and their progress. Many parents choose to move in the summer so their kids can finish the year out right.


Advantages of Moving in Winter infographic

The Advantages of Moving in Winter

Cheaper Moving Costs

Winter is not the most popular time of year to move but that’s one of the benefits. It is cheaper moving in winter compared to moving in summer. Moving companies know that winter is their slow season and offer many discounts and money saving specials to encourage more business. You can save significantly on your move simply by waiting for some colder weather.

Flexible Schedule

Another benefit of moving in the winter is that not many others want to do it, so schedules are a lot more open. You have a better chance of getting the perfect moving date and time when you move in the winter. Movers are also more flexible with their time as they need the business.

No Risk of Your Stuff Overheating

One thing that many people don’t think about with their summer moves is the fact that temperatures could get too hot. We’ve seen cases where items in a hot moving truck have overheated, melted or been damaged from the hot conditions. A winter move means that your items will stay at cool temperatures and avoid damage from too much summer heat.


Book Your Summer or Winter Move Today

There are benefits to moving no matter what time of year you choose. If you are looking for the cheapest and most efficient move, you may want to consider moving in the winter. If you are looking for a move that is most convenient for you and your schedule, a summer move may be the best choice.

Our local movers in Seattle and local movers in Everett are ready to tackle whatever moving challenge you throw at us. Whether you move in the summer or in the winter, we will get the job done right. Contact us or call 888-343-4755 to get your free quote today! Relax. We got this.

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