Get Ahead of Your Next Move

Moving can be a stressful process. But, if you plan ahead for your next move, you can eliminate some of the stress and anguish that comes along with it. There is no move as stressful as a last-minute move. Avoid the pressure and hassle by ensuring you have the right game plan together. Our Seattle full-service movers can help you create best moving plan, hands down.

Planning Tip #1: Start saving early.

If you know you are going to be moving later in the year, start saving a little money now. Skip the Starbucks on the way to work, pack your lunch instead of going out, etc. Put that money aside so you aren’t worried about finances when it comes to safely moving your belongings.

Planning Tip #2: Look into movers right away.

As soon as you know where you’ll be moving and what services you need, start doing research on some moving companies in your area. Take a look at sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews in addition to just the reviews on the company’s website (they are usually going to only post the good ones!). Don’t forget to call those moving companies for a quote. This will help you gauge their customer service and can be a foreshadowing of how the move will go.

Planning Tip #3: Clean out all your junk.

Don’t pack stuff you don’t need! It’s an easy way to save time and money. Before you start getting things boxed up, make sure you take some time to do a clean sweep to get rid of the clutter. Go room by room and create three piles: stuff to save, stuff to give away and stuff to trash. You can host a yard sale with the items you don’t want- one man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say. Or you can be a good Samaritan and donate those items to local shelters or charities like the Goodwill or Salvation Army. Feel good about donating to charity and get rid of your clutter- that’s what we call a win-win.

Planning Tip #4: Make inventory lists and label your stuff.

When you get down to the actual packing part, don’t panic. We know it’s a lot, but the more organized you can be, the easier it is for everyone. Create an inventory list of your stuff. We aren’t saying label every piece of paper, but list all the items (documents, sweaters, shoes, make up, pots and pans) you are packing. This helps you make sure you aren’t missing anything and helps you when you start to label. Don’t just label your boxes and be done. Write a generic label like “Kitchen Box 1” and on your awesome inventory list, write that box label name on each item that’s in there. Seems simple right? Just think about how much time that will save you when you go to unpack. We know, we’re geniuses.

With the help of our Seattle full-service movers, you’ll be so prepared your belongings will move themselves. Ok, no they won’t, but it will seem like they are. You can count on our experts to help you put together the perfect moving plan. Don’t freak out about your next move. Take a deep breath and call Established Moving & Storage. Relax. We got this.

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