Get Organized for Your Commercial Move

Our Seattle commercial movers know that moving your business can be stressful. From cleaning out and packing up your office to moving out all that heavy furniture and supplies, it can seem like an overwhelming amount of work. Not to mention, this is all on top of your day to day responsibilities for the job! At Established Moving & Storage, we’ve come up with some important steps to save money and avoid unnecessary downtime for your business. Call our team to help prepare for your office move.

Step 1: Start Early

Do not wait until the last minute to start getting your office prepared for your move. If you don’t use certain items regularly, start packing them up. Catch your employees up on the moving plans and how they can help. Do they have lots of personal items on their desk? Make sure they have plenty of notice, so they can start taking those things home and declutter prior to the big packing and moving days.

Step 2: Clean Out Your Office

With everything you are doing in your business, sometimes a spring cleaning of the office gets overlooked. It’s important to take time to clean out your office prior to a move so you don’t waste time moving items you won’t use at the new location. During one of your weekly meetings with your team, turn it into a cleanup session. Have each of your employees go through their office, common areas and other spaces around the office to go through items, supplies, equipment that either don’t work or are never used. Start creating piles of items to give away or throw away.

Step 3: Organize Your Electronics

Packing up your computers and all those cables is going to be a pain. But the more organized you are, the easier it will be to both pack them up and unpack them at your new office. Before you pack your computers, make sure you save your data on a USB or portable hard drives. Make sure you wrap up your monitors with bubble wrap and tape. Label your monitors and computers. Take the cables and put them in a bag that is labeled with the computer it belongs to. Then when you get to your new office, you know what cables go to which computer. Follow all instructions for printers, faxes, copiers, etc. to avoid damaging the items during a move. Seem like too much work? Contact our Seattle commercial movers and we can take care of all this stuff for you!

Step 4: Make Sure You Have Moving Insurance

Whether you move on your own or hire commercial movers, it’s important to have the right moving insurance to ensure you are covered. Remember that most movers offer standard coverage that only covers $.60 per pound of your items. Always much sure you have a full coverage option, and make sure you get the policy set up in advance. Nothing is worse than waiting too long for insurance and the coverage not kicking in before your moving day.

Remember, if you and your employees don’t have time to coordinate the details of your next office move, call our Seattle commercial movers at Established Moving & Storage. We work hard to save you time and money during your move and avoid downtime for your business. We’ll work with you to prepare for your office move. Relax. We got this.

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