Office Moving Timeline

Office Moving Checklist

Our Seattle commercial movers understand that relocating your business to a new office space is a significant undertaking involving many moving parts. Therefore, it is important to develop a detailed moving plan preferably months in advance of your moving date.

At Established Moving & Storage, we’ve developed a basic office moving timeline you and your company can follow to execute a smooth office relocation.

Six to Nine Months Prior to Your Office Move

  • Familiarize yourself with your new office space. Check the space’s cabling and telecommunication infrastructure to know what current office equipment will fit and whether you’ll have space for additional equipment purchases afterwards. After investigating, you can order new phone lines or extra cabling if necessary.
  • Assemble a team that will be responsible for designing your new office. Hire the contractors, space planners, or interior designers you will need after you successfully move your business. Consult them to better understand which of your current office furniture you should pack up and move to your new space. Identify any furniture and equipment that won’t be coming with you to sell or donate later.

Four Months Prior to Your Office Move

  • Hire professional Seattle commercial movers. This is the perfect time to find the local Seattle moving company you will be working with during your office relocation. Request quotes from a few potential companies and be clear about your relocation needs. Once you hire the full-service movers that are right for you, finalize and confirm your moving date with them.
  • Notify stakeholders about your office relocation. Make sure you employees are kept in the loop of the upcoming office move. Explain the reasons why you are relocating the company and inform them of the overall moving plan and timeline. Reach out to all your office suppliers, vendors and clients and notify them of your relocation as well.

Three to One Week Prior to Your Office Move

  • Get packing materials. Our relocation services package includes packing services. You can stop by Established Moving & Storage to get all the high quality moving supplies you will need to move your business. Another option is to have our Seattle commercial movers do all the packing for you.
  • Start packing. If moving day is still weeks ahead, start packing non-essential items like equipment you regularly use and files you won’t need until you get to your new office. A week before the big move, have you employees pack and properly label their personal belongings and desk stuff themselves.

If you follow this office moving timeline, you’ll be able to sit back once moving day arrives. Our Seattle commercial movers will take over and efficiently execute your office move. You’ll be getting back to business in no time. Relax. We got this.

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