Procrastinators: Here’s How to Execute a Last-Minute Move

Last Minute Moving Tips for Procrastinators 

Our Seattle full-service movers are here to help you make a last minute move a little bit easier. We know that procrastination can get the best of us sometimes. Here are some tips from your local Seattle moving company to make your move possible.

Leave Your Clothes on Hangers

When it comes to moving at the last minute, efficiency is key. Instead of wasting valuable time taking out those clothes already organized on hangers and folding them into a suitcase, just don’t touch them! You can lay them flat on top of the boxes and suitcases in your car or use a trash bag as a wardrobe box to keep them together.

Trash Bags Are a Great Packing Tool

Just like we mentioned above, trash bags aren’t just for garbage. Use those trash bags to make an easy job of packing up your home. From makeshift wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes to an easy place to pack your shoes and blankets, trash bags can make your move way easier. Just make sure you warn your friends, family, or movers who are helping that you’ll be using trash bags to move so they don’t throw your stuff away!

Use Up All Your Space

Do you have a lot of suitcases in the closet? What about plastic storage bins? Make sure you use those to the fullest and make the most out of the space that you have to pack your belongings. Fill up your suitcases with clothing, decorations, anything that you can find so you don’t waste space. Use your blankets and sweaters to fill up your boxes and protect your fragile items. You’ll save money on packing supplies and packing paper.

Declutter While You Pack

While you pack, make sure you clean out your stuff while you pack. Instead of throwing stuff you know you don’t want into boxes and suitcases, you can make a pile of stuff to throw away. The less stuff you have to pack, the cheaper your move will be. You can even make a Goodwill run to donate items you don’t need and do a good deed!

Pack Your Items as They Are

Sometimes when you are coming down to the wire on your moving deadline, you just need to pack everything as is. Don’t move, reorganize, or refold all your belongings. Just pack everything as quickly and carefully as possible and get it ready for your fast approaching moving day. It will not be fun unpacking as things will be a little big unorganized, but you will make your deadline.

Ask for Help

The best advice is to ask for help. Whether you hire a Seattle moving company or ask friends and family to help, extra hands can make the process go by a lot faster. If you have friends and family coming over, buy some pizza and beer to thank them for their help. Your movers will always appreciate a tip if you like their service, and food and water is always a plus too! Asking for help can turn a seriously stressful situation into a more pleasant one.

Count on your Seattle full-service movers at Established Moving & Storage team to get the job done right. Relax. We got this.

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