Room by Room Packing List – Living Room & Bedroom

Room by Room Packing List – Living Room & Bedroom

There is often a time in the moving process, after you have scheduled your moving date and booked your professional Seattle movers, where you are faced with all the stuff in your home. Regardless if your move is just a few days away or months out, we wouldn’t blame you for getting overwhelmed with prospect of having to pack all your belongings.


As a full-service moving company in Seattle, our expert moving crews at Established Moving & Storage can provide full and partial packing services to our customers. However, if you’d rather do your packing yourself here is a room by room packing list.


Both our Seattle local movers and Seattle long-distance movers follow a similar packing list by room, so we can vouch for its effectiveness. Start with a room that has the most items you don’t use regularly, whichever one that is.


Living Room

The living room is usually reserved for your home’s bulkiest furniture and an entertainment center. Since it is usually the first thing guests see, the living room also serves as the hub for décor pieces. Here’s how to tackle this space:


Pillows – Start with lighter items first. Stuff throw pillows, blankets, and soft pouffes into large moving boxes or heavy-duty garbage bags.


Electronics – You’ve got to empty out your entertainment center next. Wrap DVD players, video game consoles, smaller-sized speakers, remotes, and other smaller electronics with bubble wrap and place in medium-sized moving boxes or banana boxes.


Art Work – Framed pictures and paintings need to be delicately handled. Many pieces just need to be wrapped with bubble wrap and slipped into flat moving boxes. For larger pieces, take advantage of specialty crating services.


TV – For your television and larger electronics like speakers and receivers, having their original packaging on hand is beneficial. If not, you can use moving boxes that are similarly sized as well as a specialty flat-panel TV boxes for flat screens.


Couches – Bigger furniture pieces like sofas, love seats, coffee tables, entertainment centers, and bookcases should be wrapped in moving blankets (sometimes you only have to cover particularly exposed areas like corners) and stretch wrap.


An oasis for rest and relaxation, the biggest challenge in this room will likely the bed. However, once you take it apart and pack it up piece by piece, it’s much easier to tackle. Here’s what to do with other items you’ll likely find in your bedroom.


Clothes – Once again, start with the lightest items first. If you are in a hurry, garbage bags will do. But if you aren’t, we recommend using large moving boxes for clothes to ensure everything stays neat and folded throughout the journey. If your hanging closet is extensive, you can use wardrobe boxes to avoid having to take off clothes from hangars and fold them.


Linens – Pillows, bed sheets, blankets, quilts, comforters, and everything else in your linen closet can be stuffed into garbage bags or large moving boxes.


Dressers – If you wrap dressers and side tables with stretch wrap, you don’t have to remove drawers. It is best to take out everything from the drawers and remove protruding hardware (put inside a Ziploc bag and place inside one of the drawers) before wrapping.


Bed – Put the mattress into a plastic mattress bag and then a mattress box to protect from water, tears, and other damages. Disassemble your bed frame into the smallest parts and place hardware (screws, wheels, etc.) into small plastic bags tabbed to the frame. Posts should be wrapped together with tape, while headboards and footboards should be wrapped with moving blankets and tape.


For more tips and tricks on packing and moving, go to our blog or resources page. To learn more about how our professional Seattle moving crews can help you meet all your relocation needs at an affordable rate, contact us or call 888-648-1886 for a free quote!



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