Tips on Moving Out After an Eviction in Seattle, WA

There are very few things worse than being evicted out of your home. For whatever reason, your landlord has seen fit to remove you from the apartment or house you were renting, it is undoubtedly a stressful time for most tenants.


Once you are handed that eviction notice, one of the first questions that will probably pop up in your mind is: “how long after an eviction do I have to move?” After providing emergency moving services to numerous customers, our Seattle movers can answer a question or two about the moving process after an eviction.


How Long After an Eviction Do You Have to Move?

Rest easy knowing that once your landlord provides you with a written eviction notice, you don’t have to pack up and move out right away. Typically, you’ll be given a time period of 3 days to 20 days to move. This time period depends on local state and district laws and will likely be written in your lease agreement. In Washington state, the most common notices to vacate are:1


  • 3-Day Notice to Pay or Vacate
  • 10-Day Notice to Comply with Rental Agreement Terms or Vacate
  • 20-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy (a “no cause” notice to terminate month-to-month tenancy)

Three days seems like such a short amount of time to pack up your belongings and be on your way, but you should understand that your landlord cannot evict you or lock you out of your unit without going first going through a court process. This “unlawful detainer” process generally takes about 2 to 3 weeks.


If you want to avoid an eviction lawsuit, you can opt to move out within that 3-day timeline. If that’s your choice, we recommend investing in emergency moving services from a reputable moving company in Seattle. Whether you choose to vacate your rental property or fight the eviction in court, knowing your rights as a tenant is important.2


How to Make Packing and Moving Out After an Eviction Faster?

To make your moving process as quick and efficient as possible, you’ll need to gather a lot of help. If you are going the DIY route, ask friends and family to help with packing and loading you stuff into a truck. Due to the short time period you have, you may have to leave behind (or donate) some of your furniture and other household items.


If want to keep all your belongings, our emergency local and long-distance movers in Seattle are here to provide same-day packing and moving services to meet your needs. We also have temporary Seattle storage services for your convenience when you move out after an eviction. Call Established Moving & Storage at 888-648-1886 today for a free estimate!



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