How to Make Your Residential Move Fun for Kids

5 Tips for Moving with Children

Moving with children presents its own set of unique challenges. Getting uprooted and relocating your life can be stressful. For your children, those stress levels can be multiplied exponentially. The silver lining? There are multiple ways you can help your kids cope with a residential move – you can even make moving fun for them! Our Seattle residential movers outline some of those ways below.

1. Tell Them About the Move in Advance

It may be tempting to wait until the last minute to tell your kids that you’re moving. Many parents mistakenly believe that they’ll delay having to handle their children’s anxiety by holding out on them. Actually, it is much better to inform your kids about an upcoming move well in advance. That way they have time to process this significant change. You won’t have to deal with a spike in their stress levels right before and during your moving date. Answer their questions about why you are relocating. In these situations, being honest is always the best course of action.

2. Frame the Move as a Grand Adventure

A big change is easier to swallow depending on how your kids perceive it. To ease their anxiety, frame your residential move as a grand adventure that the whole family is going on. Schedule a family meeting where everyone sits down and goes over your moving plan. Be as transparent as possible so that your children will know exactly what to expect before, during, and after your move. Kick off this adventure with a fun goodbye party with your children’s friends!

3. Don’t Make Them Help with All the Packing

Even though it is beneficial to involve your younger children in the moving process, don’t go overboard. When it comes to packing, get them to pack up the toys and clothes inside their bedrooms. After that, it’s best to leave your kids with a babysitter or obliging grandparents.

4. Introduce Them to Your Seattle Residential Movers

Once your professional Seattle residential movers arrive to your old home, introduce them to your whole family. That way you decrease any potential discomfort your children may feel about having strangers inside their home and handling their belongings. You can trust our expert Seattle local movers at Established Moving & Storage, to take care of your belongings and family throughout the moving process!

5. Explore Your New Neighborhood

Once you arrive at your new home, don’t start unpacking right away. Help get your children situated in their new environment by going out and exploring your new Seattle neighborhood. Instead of ordering pizza, eat out at a local restaurant!

When you are ready to relocate your family in or around the Seattle and Washington state area, give Established Moving & Storage a call. Our Seattle movers are happy to give you a free moving estimate for your residential move today!


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