What You Should Do with Your New Place Before Moving

Things to Do Before Moving into a New House

Unfortunately, the moving process doesn’t end once your Seattle movers have transported you and your things to your new home. Once you arrive at your new place, the other half of the moving process begins. You’ll have to unpack all your moving boxes, assemble your furniture, and make sure every item is in its proper place. To make sure all these steps go as seamlessly as possible, there are few useful things you can do before moving into your new place in Seattle.


Change Your Locks

The first thing you want to do once you get the keys to your new home is to have the locks changed. You don’t know who or how many people have keys that can open the old locks, so play it safe by installing brand new locks. This is a good time to increase the security of your new place, so install deadbolt as well.


Measure Your Doorways

This is a very important step that should be done before you start packing your old home. Take measurements of your new place – the rooms, the corners, and especially the doorways. Once you get back to your old home, measure your larger pieces of furniture. Compare measurements and sort out which pieces won’t fit into your new place. Don’t waste time packing items that are either too big or too small, instead sell or donate them before your moving date.


Officially Change Your Address

Officially changing your address before you move out of your old home will save you so much stress once you get to your new place. You can file a change of address online or in person at the post office. Once your change of address is finalized and you are moving locally within Seattle or Washington state, start arranging your utilities – gas, electric, water, garbage, sewer, etc. to be redirected to your new place.


Deep Clean Your New Place

Unpacking and arranging your belongings into your new home is so much easier if your place is clean to begin with. When your new place is still empty and free of all your stuff, take that opportunity to do a deep clean of the place. If your new home needs a little bit more work, be sure to do any necessary painting, refinishing, and other home improvements way before you move in.


Hire Trusted Seattle Movers

Even though this step doesn’t really have anything to do with making changes to your new place, it is no less of an important step. Finding Seattle movers you can trust to transport your possessions safely and execute you move from start to finish takes a heavy burden of your shoulders. At Established Moving & Storage, our full-service Seattle movers will take care of all your packing and moving needs. Just contact us for a free moving estimate. Find out how our Seattle movers can move you today!


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