Packing Fragile Items – How We’re Different

Packing Fragile Items – How We’re Different

Moving our clients locally around the Seattle area and moving them long distance across the country requires different preparation. Our Seattle movers want your move to be as efficient and affordable as possible and that’s why we work hard to prepare your move the right way.


Some items can be trickier than others to pack though. For instance, a large glass vase. That vase is extremely fragile, and we don’t want it to get damaged. If you were moving across the country, we would advise that you get it crated to avoid any cracks, scratches, etc. That would be an additional charge. However, moving locally, we understand that you don’t want to pay to crate an item that is just going across town.


In these cases, our Seattle movers assume the risk of damage to your items to get them to your home safely. We’d of course still recommend crating your expensive vase no matter what the distance, but we understand that crating can be cost prohibitive, so we accept the risk to save you money. Aren’t we great?


Another scenario: let’s say you have a marble or glass-top table. That would be another item we recommend should be professionally packed and crated before making a journey of any distance. However, that can be a huge cost factor as well. Established Moving is here to make your moving experience easy and stress-free.


Not every mover will take on that risk. There are many providers of Seattle relocation services that will simply insist that items must be crated, even if they are just going down the road. The risk is too great that the item could break, and they don’t want to be out of pocket in case they are not careful enough and have to pay for a replacement.


Whether you are moving baby grand pianos, grandfather clocks, pool tables or fragile antiques, know that our team of expert Seattle movers will give you the advice you need to keep your items safe. We will also ensure to save you as much money as we can. Count on Established Moving & Storage to make your move a success. Relax. We got this.


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