Pros & Cons of DIY Packing

Pros & Cons of DIY Packing

Packing your belongings is typically the most time-consuming step during any move. You’ve got to get all the proper supplies, you’ve got to organize your things, stuff them into boxes, and then make sure everything is taped up and stored securely. With all these moving parts, it’s no wonder many people choose to take advantage of the packing services of our full-service Seattle movers.


At Established Moving & Storage, our full-service Seattle movers provide both packing services as well as labor-only moving for those that want to pack themselves. In the end, DIY packing comes with both pros and cons. Some of them are listed below.


Pro: Lower Cost

Typically, packing by yourself saves you money. Our full-service Seattle movers will charge an additional fee for their expert packing services. At Established Moving & Storage, we take pride in offering packing services using only high quality moving and packing supplies at the most competitive rates. Even if you go the DIY packing route, you can order from us and we’ll deliver affordable top-quality Seattle moving supplies straight to your door.


Con: Time-Consuming

One downside of packing by yourself, perhaps the most significant one, is that is takes a lot of time to complete. Not only will you have to go against your busy work and personal schedules to carve out time for packing, but you’ll also have to work around the schedules of the family and friends helping you pack.


Pro: More Control

When you pack by yourself, you have full control over what to pack and how to pack it. You get to choose which moving boxes and packing supplies you’ll use to protect and safely transport your possessions. The comfort that comes with having that control is worth it for many people.


Con: Improper Packing

Most people will have at least some experience packing smaller items like clothes and small interior décor pieces. However, once you get to larger items like furniture and appliances, lack of experience can be detrimental. Improper packing techniques are more likely with DIY packing. And if your items aren’t packed securely, they’re more likely to get damaged in transit.


Con: No Liability

DIY packing versus expert professional services? Whatever option you choose, our full-service Seattle movers will work hard to ensure your residential or commercial move is successful and stress-free!

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