Tips for Raising a Family in a Big City Like Seattle

The crowded and noisy nature of a big city like Seattle will make many families run off to the suburbs once children come into the equation. However, many families don’t want to give up their cosmopolitan lifestyle and see the benefits of raising their children in a metropolitan community.

At Established Moving & Storage, a moving company in Seattle, our local and long-distance movers have helped countless families move into neighborhoods in Seattle. If you are going to move your family to the “Emerald City,” here is an easy guide for living downtown with a family with tips for raising a family in a big city.

How to Help Your Family Adjust to a New City

Moving into a new city, especially a big one like Seattle, will require an adjustment period for you and your family. Children who crave familiarity and routine, may get stressed after transitioning into a new neighborhood and new school. Minimize that anxiety by:

  • Move in the summer. Your kids can start at their new school at the beginning of the school year.
  • Familiarize yourself with area. Take calm strolls and brief fieldtrips in and around your new neighborhood; visit some of the exciting landmarks and local attractions.
  • Get to know your new neighbors. Join any mom clubs or local parent’s clubs. It’ll be easier to set up play dates and help your kids make new friends.
  • Allow your children to adjust at their own pace. Don’t expect them to accommodate at the same pace and you. All you need to do is be there for them and continue being supportive.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Living Downtown with a Family

One the best tips for raising a family in a big city our Seattle movers can give you – embrace big city living for you and your kids. While your first instincts as a parent might be to protect your kids from the potential dangers of an urban environment and keep them home as much as possible, that’s not a great way to live in a busy metropolis. Take advantage of some of the benefits of raising a family in Seattle such as:

  • Diverse cultural experiences at your fingertips. Visit city parks, historical landmarks, local museums and entertainment venues. Plenty of them are kid-friendly.
  • Convenient public transportation means less driving your kids around. Familiarize your kids to riding public transportation, so they can use it with their friends free of parental supervision by the time they start middle school.
  • Immerse your kids in the multicultural community. All types of people from all different nationalities and ethnicities live in a city. Living in that kind of environment makes it easier to teach your kids to be open-minded and inclusive; take advantage of that.


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