The Ultimate Room to Room Packing List: Kitchen

The Ultimate Room to Room Packing List: Kitchen

Are you trying to pack up your kitchen for your upcoming move? The kitchen is considered one of the hardest rooms to pack due to the amount of kitchen and household items in drawers and cupboards, food in the fridge, and large appliances. Our Seattle moving company has created the ultimate room to room packing list for your kitchen. Read our professional packers’ ultimate room to room moving and packing list for the kitchen!

How to Pack a Kitchen for a Move?

The kitchen is a big challenge when it comes to properly packing and moving. Organizing and packing all your kitchen and household items can be a hassle. Our full-service movers and packers utilize premium moving and packing supplies to properly pack, secure, and label your kitchen belongings. If you are not employing professional packing services or supplies, read our residential movers’ tips to properly pack a kitchen for a local or long-distance move in Seattle.

Moving & Packing List for the Kitchen

Cutlery & Silverware

  • Wrap sharp kitchen knives and utensils with thick towels or bubble wrap. Label moving box or container with “Sharp Kitchen Utensils” so you or your professional mover do not cut themselves.
  • Bundle sets of silverware and cutlery together with tape or moving containers. You can wrap packing paper around a specific set like forks, tape around the bundle, and place it in a sturdy moving box.
  • Wrap uniquely shaped utensils such as ladles or barbeque tongs individually.  

Food Items

  • Donate any food items to your local food bank or charity if you can. Check any donating food guidelines first.
  • Throw away open packages to avoid spills during relocation.
  • Place tape around glass food containers such as spice jars to prevent damage during transportation.
  • Place food items in Ziploc or plastic bags to keep them protected from spoilage.

Fragile Glassware & Dishes

  • Wrap fragile glassware and dishes in kitchen towels or linens before you place them in a moving box or container. Label the outside accordingly to alert your movers and packers of the fragile items inside.  
  • Place coffee mugs, drinking, or wine glasses in clean socks to keep from breaking during transit.

Pots & Pans

  • Place large pots or pans at the bottom of a moving container or box.
  • Put bubble wrap or paper towels in between each pot or pan to keep them from damage or scratches.
  • If your pots or pans have glass lids, wrap these with bubble wrap or packing paper before carefully placing them within the same box.
  • If there is room, you can place sturdy kitchen items within the pots or pans to keep them secure.

­What Are the Best Packing Tips for Moving Appliances?

Packing and moving appliances, whether small or large, can be a difficult process. If you are not hiring professional packing services in Seattle, consider our local moving tips to move appliances efficiently during your upcoming move.

Small Kitchen Appliance Packing Tips

  • Clean and dry your small kitchen appliances, including blenders, coffee makers, juicers, toasters, and related household appliances, before packing.
  • Remove detachable parts and wrap carefully with packing materials or bubble wrap. Label so you can easily reattach when you unpack.
  • Pack appliances in durable moving boxes or containers and fill gaps with packing peanuts or padding.
  • Label the box to keep your appliances organized.

Large Kitchen Appliance Packing Tips

  • Empty and clean your large appliances thoroughly before loading them onto the moving truck.
  • Wrap fragile appliance parts with packing materials or paper to keep them from damage.
  • Secure appliance doors or openings with tape so they do not open during transit.
  • Tape down cables and hoses to keep them from scratching your appliances during relocation.
  • Wrap large kitchen appliances in moving blankets or thick padding to prevent dents or damage during transportation on the moving vehicle.

Establish Your Move With Our Seattle Moving & Packing Company

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