Moving TipsIntro to Seattle Coffee Culture

Coffee in Seattle is so much more than just a beverage. It’s a staple of the culture and people in the city. If you’re planning on moving to Seattle, you had better get with the program! If you are not familiar with Seattle coffee culture or have maybe even never heard of it before, then do not worry because Established Moving & Storage is here to help. Our Seattle moving company has been assisting the community for years and knows the ins and outs of the phenomenon that is the coffee in town, and we are happy to share our expert insights for anyone looking to call this place home.

Feelings About Coffee From Seattle in the City

What is the best Seattle coffee shop? Why is it better than somebody else’s choice for Seattle’s best coffee? These are questions that you are bound to hear your future neighbors regularly ask each other in our city. Seattle coffee culture is called that for a reason, after all. People constantly argue over why their selection for the best Seattle coffee company is much better than any other that some may prefer. People here are defensive about their coffee shops and will be sure to ask you which you like the most and why. Of course, there is a sense of self-referential humor to it all. Your neighbors won’t be hurt if you don’t have the same selection for the best coffee. It’s all just good fun for the region!

How to Participate in the Culture Like a Native

If you are moving to Seattle, then you will naturally be on the lookout for the best Seattle coffee shops. To truly become a member of the Seattle coffee culture, we have a couple of tips for you to follow. First of all, choose a coffee that you love above all others and become a part of the inside regional joke by defending your selection tooth and nail when your neighbors bring it up. Nobody expects you to be so one-dimensional with your selections. It’s all for fun, of course! This is a great way to meet new friends as they take you to their selection of the best coffee houses and try to convince you that their selection is superior to yours. This is just an example of how the Seattle coffee culture encourages friend groups to grow and form. But before you can become a fully-fledged member of the culture of coffee in this city, you’re going to have to be a member of the community by teaming up with some expert Seattle movers.

Moving to Seattle the Right Way

Established Moving & Storage’s team of expert movers in Seattle are ready, willing, and able to get you and your family or business to the perfect place in the area with the assistance of our expert relocation services. Get started today or reach out to our team to learn more! Interested in more insights from our relocation professionals? Be sure to take a look at some of our other articles for the full scoop.


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