SeattleSeattle Named One Of The Most Changed Cities in the U.S.

December 20, 2019by Established Moving

In a recent top 10 ranking published by Rentonomics, Seattle was named the sixth most changed city in the U.S.1 This study looked back at the 2010s and identified which metropolitan areas underwent the most significant transformation from the beginning of the decade to the end. This list was the result of data compiled on a number of different metrics comparing the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas. Metrics were collected from some of the following measurements:

  • Housing Markets
  • Demographics
  • Household Earnings
  • Labor Markets
  • Construction Rates

What the ranking found was that the top 10 cities that had changed the most throughout the decade were cities that benefited from growth in the technology industry. All the metros that made the list are either existing tech hubs or emerging tech hubs that both continue to navigate continued growth. Home to both Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, it is no surprise Seattle is one of those cities. Our Seattle corporate movers break down how Seattle has changed through this decade and what to expect going forward.

Growing Household Earnings

According to Rentonomics, the share of Seattle metro households earning over $100,000 increased by 48.8 percent. This matches with the most recent census data that found that almost half of Seattle households make six-figure salaries by 2018.2 That plus a $7,000 increase in median income3 means Seattle ranks as the city with third-highest pay jump in 2018.

Seattle Skyline Changes

While Seattle has always been a major metroplex made up of a number of skyscrapers and homes. Throughout the last decade, the city has seen an influx in new construction. In 2018, Seattle was leading the nation as the city with the most tower cranes for the third year in a row4, a testament to the city’s high rates of new construction. All this development has resulted in major Seattle skyline changes and is expected to continue.

“Rising cost has some effect, but I also see still robust activity. I haven’t seen any slowdown in incoming investment from Asia or the Middle East. There’s huge demand for housing and infrastructure, and I don’t think that’s going to change.” – Doug Demers, Managing Principal at B+H Architects 4


A growing city is a perfect opportunity for a growing business or family. If you want to relocate your business or family to the Emerald City, our Seattle moving company is here to help get it done quickly. Call or contact us today for a free estimate!



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