Driving on Icy Roads During a Move

A move to a new place can be exciting but confusing for those moving to an area with certain factors and conditions they may not be used to, such as driving on icy roads in the winter months. If you’re moving to an area that experiences icy roads, be sure to understand how driving on ice will affect your ability to drive and how to maneuver on ice properly to combat the possibility of your car sliding. 

Our professional Everett movers have made this guide for the uninitiated to the world of icy roads. They’re the experts in moving within Everett, and they’ve made more than their fair share of trips across frozen-over roads and are ready to share their expertise. 

Why Do You Need to Know How to Drive in Icy Conditions? 

Driving on icy roads is a skill that gets developed by years of living in areas where freezing weather conditions are the norm. People from areas that do not experience these conditions likely do not know how to adjust for the ice. Knowing how to drive on ice is a must for keeping your car from sliding. There can be dangerous and even life-threatening swerves where you can lose control of your car for seconds at a time. 

Knowing how to break in ice is a different skill from standard breaking. Additionally, managing hillside stops is different. Much more goes into making driving on icy roads unique. Learn the basics and build a foundation. 

Need Some Tips for Driving on Ice Roads? 

Everything that goes into ice road driving cannot be covered in just an hour or even a day. It is a long-term skill to learn that will take quite a bit of time. These beginning safety tips for icy conditions driving is just a foot in the door, but it is necessary information to start with.

  • Avoids Hills and Winding Roads: It does not matter if a route will take you an extra few minutes and miles. Steering clear of paths that could cause a slide is a must for beginners. Until you are relatively well-versed in driving on icy roads, try to take flat and straight roads.
  • Take Your Time: You don’t have to go the speed limit. Just maintain a speed you’re comfortable with and build up from there. Remember, you’re driving under extreme weather conditions you are not used to, so take your time.
  • Breathing Room: Stopping your car will take longer than you’re used to. This is due to your brakes not being able to stop your wheels as well as they do with no ice on the roads. To avoid fender benders, put a bit more room in between yourself and the car in front of you.

Contact Our Everett Area Movers 

Driving on icy roads can be one of the most alien things about moving to an area with colder winters than you are used to. If you’re not yet comfortable with driving on frozen roads, your best bet would be to hire a moving company that understands and has mastered driving in harsh conditions. Established Moving and Storage’s expert Everett movers are the perfect people for the job! Get an online quote today, or reach out to us at 888-343-4755 to learn more.

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