Things to Consider When Moving A Business to Renton, WA

One of the inner ring suburbs of Seattle, Renton has always served as a hub for manufacturing in the Pacific Northwest. Located on the shores of Lake Washington, this city is home to a thriving business community. It is most known for being the base of the Boeing Renton Factory, a major factory for the aerospace giant that has been producing planes in Renton, WA since World War II [1][2].


Economic Development

The city of Renton, WA is also home to many other renowned manufacturing, technology, and healthcare organizations. Notably, the first IKEA store opened in the Pacific Northwest is in Renton [3]. In addition to large corporations, there are many small businesses in Renton, WA. A Healthy environment for local companies is fostered by the city’s Chamber of Commerce [4].


At Established Moving, our commercial movers in Renton have helped countless businesses relocate to Renton. Here are some tips for moving your business to the city compiled by our experienced commercial Renton movers. These are some important things to consider when moving a business to Renton, WA.


Renton Business License

Businesses in Renton, WA are required to have a local business license to operate and conduct businesses within the city [5]. However, there is one preliminary step before you can apply for business license. Your business must first get a Uniform Business Identification Number (UBI) from the Washington State Department of Revenue.


After obtaining your UBI number, you can fill out a City of Renton business license application online or hard copy. There are three types of business licenses available for businesses in Renton, WA.


  • Commercial Business License
  • Home-Based Business License
  • Other Licenses


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Taxes for Businesses in Renton, WA

The local Business and Occupation Tax in Renton is a gross receipts tax based the value of products, the gross proceeds of sales, or the gross income earned by your business. Renton’s B&O tax has an annual cap that is adjusted at the beginning of every year for inflation. Businesses in Renton, WA must not pay in excess of this annual maximum tax amount.


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The city has also adopted numerous business tax deductions and exemptions. There are also plenty of incentives for businesses here. One of the many things that make Renton a great place to relocate your business to.




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