Unique Challenges of Moving into a Home in the Middle of the City


3 Challenges of Moving into The Downtown Areas of a City

While any move comes with its own relocation difficulties, there are some unique challenges of moving into downtown and other densely populated urban areas of a city. Crowded streets, high-rise apartment complexes, and limited parking spaces can be barriers to a smooth moving process. However, if your Seattle movers properly plan ahead of time, the challenges of moving to a city can be overcome when moving day comes around.

Slow Traffic

Traffic congestion is a problem for most large cities in America, including Seattle. Gridlock and traffic jams are not uncommon on city roads. Rush hour traffic is particularly bad and should be avoided, especially by your local or long-distance movers. If you want to prevent any delays to your moving timeline, don’t schedule your move on or near the hours most people will be driving to or from their work.

Parking Permits

When you have are moving from or into a house, chances are you’ll have your own personal parking space where your moving truck can stay for as long as it takes for your Seattle residential movers to pack up your household and load up your stuff. However, one of the challenges of moving into downtown districts is the limited parking space.

In most cities, you or your movers need to get a permit from your local department of transportation to reserve parking space for your moving vehicle. In Seattle, this permit establishes a temporary no parking zone on any valid street parking space.1

Multi-Story Buildings

Most residences in the city are apartment units, many of them on upper story levels. So, things like stairs or elevators will be separating your movers from your new place. To avoid injuring yourself, trust the expertise of an experienced moving crew to handle all the heavy lifting and carrying of your items up stairways.

If your apartment building has an elevator, your movers should reserve a couple of hours of elevator access beforehand. Reserving a service elevator, if there is one, is an even better option.

Our moving company in Seattle has helped many families move into metropolitan areas in Seattle and other neighboring cities like Everett and Bellevue. When you hire our Seattle movers, Everett movers, or Bellevue movers, you can expect the very best city moving and apartment moving services.

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  1. Sam Zimbabwe, Seattle.gov – Seattle Department of Transportation


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