Where to Buy A Fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving in Seattle

The debate about frozen turkey versus fresh turkey continues even as Thanksgiving approaches. While the frozen option may be cheaper, when it comes to flavor and juiciness, fresh turkey is the clear winner. If a big turkey will be the staple of your Thanksgiving feast, you’ll want it to be the best quality and most tasteful bird, won’t you? Luckily at Established Moving & Storage, we want to make sure you know that there are plenty of places to buy a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving in Seattle.

These tasty birds are so popular, butchers and farmers alike recommend reserving a turkey months in advance. If you wait until November, chances are they’ll be sold out! If you are looking for where you can find the best turkey dinner in Seattle, check out these local meat shops and nearby farms.

Bob’s Quality Meats

This butcher shop on Rainier Avenue in Columbia City focuses on offering sustainable, grass-fed, hormone-free, and organic meats. From poultry to beef, the enduring meat market offers a wide range of meat and all types of cuts. In the lead-up to the Thanksgiving holiday, the shop takes orders for fresh local turkeys and even smoked turkeys. If you want to go big at home this Thanksgiving, consider getting the legendary turducken – a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey!

Learn more: bobsqualitymeats.com

Rain Shadow Meats

Led by well-known Seattle butcher Russell Flint, this meat shop inside Melrose Market in Capitol Hill offers a variety of fresh turkeys leading up to the Thanksgiving season. Order fresh local turkeys from Mad Hatcher Poultry, a farm in Ephrata, Washington. Each hen weighs 12 to 18 pounds. For a bigger bird, the butcher shop also offers free-range, air-chilled turkeys from Nicky Farms in Oregon, weighing 18 to 26 pounds apiece.

Learn more: rainshadowmeats.com

Bright Ide Acres

If you need to know where to buy a fresh turkey in Seattle for Thanksgiving directly from a local farm, there are many farms dotted throughout Washington offering ethically raised poultry. Some of these farms are closer to Seattle and even raise sought-after heritage turkeys. Bright Ide Acres is one such farm. Started by couple Andrew and Micha Ide, they raise heritage turkeys and harvest toms (male turkeys) in October and hens (female turkeys) the weekend before Thanksgiving. Advanced reservations are required; they are expected to sell out months before the holiday.

Learn more: brightideacres.com

Hungry Hollow Farm

Another local farm offering healthy, pasture-raised meats is Hungry Hollow Farm. This family farm has been around since the 1920s and is located even closer to the city. Starting in 2017, owner Grant Jones started raising heritage turkeys. They have quickly become a popular product, especially around Fall. Order a bird from their site and you can pick it up on the farm or wait for it to be shipped to one of their Seattle pickup locations or your home. You’ll have a delicious bird by Thanksgiving!

Learn more: hungryhollowfarm.com

Established Moving & Storage Is Here To Help You 

Getting a turkey for Thanksgiving in Seattle can be an exciting task, as the city offers a wide variety of options for purchasing a high-quality bird. No matter where you choose to buy your turkey, be sure you order early, as demand for turkeys increases significantly in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. We hope this article makes picking a turkey easy for you. 

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