Best Cities for Young Professionals in South Florida

For a long time, South Florida was thought of as a party hotspot for spring break and the perfect place to retire. When looking at the area today, times sure have changed. A number of young professionals are moving to this area, as are those in the hospitality industry. This is because tourism has created a tremendous number of jobs in South Florida. Here at Established Moving & Storage, we want to make sure that you know the answer to “What are the best cities for young professionals in South Florida?” 

When you think of Florida, the first words that come to mind might not be “young professional.” But the state, with its large population, diverse industries, and warm climate, does have a lot to offer college graduates who are just starting to follow their new career paths.

In Florida, you are sure to find beautiful beaches, diverse culture, exciting night-life, extensive commerce, great schools, and various sports, plus we top it off with year-round sunshine. There are many reasons why South Florida is heavily favored in our country. As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the US, South Florida is the perfect place for a young professional to begin a successful career. The cities here have everything to help round out the experience. Our residential movers in South Florida can take care of the hassle of moving, so you can get started on your new career.

Miami Beach

Easily one of the most recognizable parts of the United States, let alone Florida and Miami, the area of Miami Beach is known for its diversity and booming night-life. You might not know it also offers various job opportunities for graduates, and employment rates are high compared to other parts of the state. The transit system is one of the best in Florida, and the city is very bicycle friendly. With its luxury hotels, high-end shopping venues, trendy eateries, and bars and clubs, Miami Beach is the go-to place if you want to feel the authentic vibe of Miami.


On the edge of the Everglades and not far from the beaches of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Miramar is one of the larger cities in South Florida. If you are one of the millennials that want to have some fun or want to start a family, Miramar will be the right place for you. It is a very popular city for young adults as it offers the perfect mix of opportunities and entertainment. 

Fort Lauderdale

This city north of Miami is one that heavily relies on tourism, and it has a strong business center. The Fort Lauderdale cultural pulse is notable. This is especially true along the picturesque Riverwalk, which is home to the Broward Performing Arts Center, various museums, and numerous restaurants. Tourism makes up most of the economy, but there is also a thriving business district downtown. There you can find several high-rise buildings, including Bank of America Plaza, Barnett Bank, and PNC Center. 

Coral Gables

This waterfront city south of downtown Miami has an above-average amount of young people, a low crime rate, and strong wages for college graduates. As if that is not enough, it is beautiful and full of life. You can do almost anything here, from taking long walks to appreciating nature to spending a day shopping and dining. When you are in Coral Gables, the options are endless. 

Our Movers in South Florida Are Here to Help You

South Florida is turning into a hub for young professionals. As you can see, there is no shortage of places to find employment for college grads. For many young professionals, the communities on this list are the best places in Florida where they can find the right mix of career opportunities and lifestyle advantages. This list of the best cities for young professionals was made by our South Florida moving company and was created purely to help you choose your ideal city to call home.

If you are interested in making the right choice of mover today, then get started on planning the perfect move with our team by getting an online quote from Established Moving. If you are interested in more insights like this, which was crafted by our team of professionals, then be sure to read some of our other relocation articles and get expert information from movers in the field. 

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