Why Are Big Companies Moving to South Florida?

Northerners have always flocked to the Sunshine State’s attractive environment. However, in recent years, the state has observed a different type of migration. Rather than providing respite for snowbirds escaping winter months, South Florida is becoming a haven for corporations looking to grow and expand. Established Moving & Storage is here to answer, “Why are big companies moving to South Florida?” and quickly at that. 

In recent years, Miami and other Florida cities have gained recognition as prime locations for newly formed businesses and for businesses relocating from other states. Many established companies of all sizes have decided to make Florida their homes. This includes real estate investment group Blackstone, global investment bank Goldman Sachs, and autonomous vehicle technology company Argo AI, along with hundreds of smaller businesses. Whether you’re starting a new business or relocating an existing business, moving to South Florida probably sounds ideal, and our commercial movers are here to help you with your move.

Best Location for Business

The reasons why Florida ranks so highly as a good environment for business include its pro-business policies and its streamlined regulatory environment. The state offers incentives to attract all types of businesses, from corporate headquarters to manufacturing plays and service firms. The government encourages corporate relocations to the state by maintaining regulations that stimulate business growth.

South Florida Is a Tourist Attraction

Businesses are not the only parties traveling to Florida. The state maintains a robust year-round tourism industry. In addition, there are multiple tourist centers and cities throughout the state, with many located in South Florida. These are areas that  give people the opportunity to translate consumer dollars into corporate revenues. Additionally, with Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami international airports, multilingual populations, and a reputation as the gateway to the Americas, South Florida is attractive to businesses that operate internationally.

Growth in Jobs and Salaries

It is no wonder Florida is so attractive to workers, as, in addition to enjoying a low cost of living, these workers generally earn more than in other areas. As more businesses open offices in Florida, the job market in the state continues to grow. Major corporations are moving to or increasing their investment in Florida, and multiple professionals have bought homes in the state. Workforce development programs are being expanded to build a strong pipeline of qualified workers to match today’s modern economy and to power the future of Florida business. 

The Appealing Sunshine State

It is no secret that the state of Florida is home to one of the best climates in the U.S. With a number of companies now observing new remote work policies, this has freed many employees to work wherever they want. Due to this, many are choosing the warm temperatures and sunny skies of Florida. While New York’s average February temperature is around 35 degrees, in Florida, it rests around 70, and the climate remains warm and appealing here year-round. 

Let Our Professional Movers Help You

When you are ready to start or relocate your business to sunny and beautiful South Florida, get in touch with our South Florida movers. With us, you will get premier moving services at a reasonable price. If you are looking for more insights from our relocation professionals, then be sure to read some of our other South Florida relocation articles and get information directly from the professionals. 

Get an online quote from our Established Moving team and get started on planning your move today. We clearly see the trend of big companies moving to South Florida. You don’t want to get left behind. Our team of moving experts in South Florida is ready and eager to help you and your business. 

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