Room by Room Packing List – How to Pack a Bathroom for Moving

Getting ready for a big move? Not sure where or how to start packing? Established Moving and Storage can show you room-by-room packing, starting with how to pack a bathroom for moving. Once you break down the room-by-room lists, the packing will be a cinch to tackle. And with the help of our full-service movers, we can make it even easier! Just sit back and relax. We can take care of it all.


Let’s get started! 


Bathroom Packing


First, start the packing process by packing toiletries for the move. Empty the medicine cabinets and storage areas of any soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc. These items should be placed into medium-sized moving boxes, paper boxes, or file boxes that have handles. For smaller bottle products, throw them in a plastic bag, like a Ziploc, to prevent a mess if they were to open or leak. 


Hazardous Materials

When hiring residential movers, know that many moving companies prohibit transporting cosmetic and cleaning products. You cannot move items including aerosols, flammable products, and toiletries containing alcohol via moving trucks. Try to separate the hazardous products from the approved products or consider moving all the above items in your personal vehicle. 



Medication and any vitamins should be packed in a small moving box separated from the other bathroom items. Make sure these are easily accessible in the event that they need to be taken. 



You can fold and pack your linens in a large moving box: towels, bath mats, shower curtains, and hand towels. You can pack items like plastic shower curtains, non-slip mats, and other common items like toilet brushes together in another box. When packing, make sure everything is sanitized and dry before taping the boxes shut. 

How To Fold A Towel For Packing

Electronic Devices

Start packing flat irons, hair curlers, electric toothbrushes, and other electronic tools into a sealable bag to prevent any possible water damage. Once the bag is secure, you can pack those tools in a small or medium moving box, which you can purchase from the packing supplies and moving supplies we have available. 


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