Relocation Horror Stories & How to Avoid Them

Moving Horror Stories

For anyone who’s ever moved into a new home, you’ll know that moving can be an incredibly stressful experience. This is especially true if you go the DIY route through and through without the help of any professional Seattle movers. Regardless of whether you invest in professional help or not, there are still some slip-ups and horror stories that can occur t during any complex moving process. In the spirit of the Halloween season, we gathered up three of the most common moving horror stories from our Seattle residential movers and provided some advice on how to avoid them.

Movers Arrive At Your Door, But You Haven’t Packed Up Everything

Running out of time for anything is always a nightmare! But it is particularly headache-inducing when it comes to moving. You’ll either have to re-schedule your move or be ready to pay your movers more to provide their packing services. Either way, there will likely be delays and a few complications. Instead, schedule your move the latest your move out timeline allows and try not to leave packing up your household for the last minute.

Packing takes a lot more time than many expect. Plus, work and other life events can often get in the way. Start decluttering your home and getting rid of stuff you no longer want, need, or use. Afterwards, pack up things you use least often and slowly work toward items you use on a daily basis until you’re all packed by the time moving day comes around.

There’s So Many Boxes to Unpack, But You Don’t Know Where to Start

Sadly, one of the more common moving horror stories features unlabeled moving boxes as the main culprit. Imagine you’ve done everything right when it comes to packing. You’ve ensured all your belongings are sufficiently protected and you’re done packing by the time your moving crew arrives. All your items are safely delivered to your new home. Now what? You are confronted by a collection brown cardboard boxes and you’ve forgotten what’s inside of them!

You’ll have to unpack the boxes one by one, going from one room to another to put stuff in their proper places. Avoid this mind-numbing nightmare by labeling your boxes with a list of what’s inside of them and the rooms they belong to when packing them. This way, you’ll be able to move boxes to their designated rooms and have a better idea of which stuff belongs where without having to unpack them first. Labeling your boxes shaves off a bunch time from the unpacking process!


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