A Beginner’s Guide to Holiday Decoration Storage

A Beginner’s Guide to Holiday Decoration Storage

Packing up after the holidays can be a hassle. Whether you’re storing your decorations until the next holiday season or are packing up for a move to a new city, you have to know how to properly store all your decorations so that they aren’t ruined in one year’s time! If you have no idea how to go about holiday decoration storage, don’t worry! Our expert team of Jacksonville movers and storage professionals have years of experience with both relocations and storage requirements of all kinds and know more about this topic than almost anyone around!

Need Some Ideas for Storing a Christmas Tree?

The tree is the center of any Christmas celebration! The entire family gathers around it while the adults chat away and the kids open their presents. Make sure you can preserve this same feeling next year by properly storing your Christmas tree for easy reuse from year to year. 

You should be keeping your tree in its original box, since its dimensions are likely perfect for the tree. If the box is not available, it can be stored in plastic bins. Transporting trees should not be a problem if you’ve got some bins with wheels on the bottom for easy mobility. Also, do not underestimate the time you could save by storing your tree, still assembled, in one of the many holiday storage units available. Planning your holiday decoration storage ahead can save you a lot of time and future headaches.

Know How to Pack Christmas Ornaments for Moving?

Storage units are often filled with ornaments more than anything. Many families own so many ornaments that they likely don’t even use most of them from year to year. Despite this, ornaments often carry a sentimental value that few other decorations do, so they should be suitably cared for through proper holiday decoration storage methods. 

Each ornament must be individually wrapped and, if possible, double-wrapped and then placed into a secure box where you are confident it will not be damaged. Be careful when storing the ornaments to not place too many other storage boxes on top of the ornament box, or if you can, none at all. Ornaments are very delicate, and no matter how many times you wrap an ornament, you’ll want to be extra safe.

The Best Movers in Jacksonville 

Now that you understand how to pack and store for the holidays, you’ll be ready to move with your family without having to worry about the condition of your holiday decorations! And when you do decide to move, be sure to contact the Jacksonville movers that are going to get the job done right, Established Moving and Storage. Get an online quote today, or call us at 888-343-4755 to learn more!

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