Hosting a Housewarming Party in South Florida

With so many people moving to, from, or within the South Florida area, there is never a shortage of housewarming parties going on in the southernmost region of this beautiful state that we call home. If this is your first time hosting a housewarming party, especially if you have just moved to or will soon move to the South Florida area, then you may be in need of some helpful tips to make the experience great for everybody involved.

If you are worried about your capabilities to host a housewarming party, do not worry! The experts at Established Moving & Storage, the leader among South Florida moving companies, have the experience and expertise necessary to provide you with the perfect plan for your celebration. Our team has served the community for years as relocation specialists for both residential and commercial moves. We are always happy to share insight into all things relocation with our current and future neighbors.


How to Plan a Housewarming Party

Before getting into the specific activities and entertainment that is expected of all great housewarmings, it is important to understand that throwing a housewarming party starts with planning and proper preparation. When hosting a housewarming party, it is natural to want to get the process started as quickly as possible and invite people over to your new home the next day after your relocation. This is where you will want to be patient.

Be sure to have essentials such as electricity and water already set up to run in your new home. You’ll also want some basic furniture, like couches and tables, ready for your guests. This will ensure that they are comfortable while at your celebration. Also, be sure to make a list of who should be invited and have a realistic headcount ready. This is not specific to housewarming but should always be expected when hosting a party. Once you have tackled these necessities, it will be time to start making some housewarming ideas for a party. After all, having a home is one thing but being a proper host is something else in itself. 


What Do You Do At a Housewarming Party?

Now that you’ve made the necessary preparations for a proper housewarming party ensure that guests will be comfortable in your new home and will have the necessities that all parties need. It’s time to get to the entertainment! Be sure to have a television set up or sound system in order to provide the necessary background noise and music that set the tone of a celebration. Choose music that you believe all of your guests will enjoy.

Board games are also a great and interactive experience for all of your guests. All should be played after you’ve done the tour of your new home, of course. It will keep your guests entertained and engaged throughout the evening.

If you have guests who are drinkers, take note of what some of their favorite drinks are and be set up to provide them. It is also likely that guests will bring their own entertainment or refreshments, be sure to include them all in your party plan to ensure that no one feels excluded. Hosting a housewarming party is a great way to get to know neighbors or make new friends after you’ve successfully relocated with the assistance of the moving services South Florida relies on to get any job done – Established Moving & Storage. 


South Florida Residential Moving Services and More!

If you are relocating to the area, then you will want to make sure you get the best services offered by any of the moving companies in South Florida. Get in touch with Established Moving & Storage so that you can start hosting a housewarming party with the pleasant relocation experience still fresh!

Our team offers residential moving services for families looking for a new home in the Sunshine State, as well as commercial relocations for businesses in the area. Get an online quote to get started on your relocation today, or read some of our other articles to get more insight regarding all things relocation from experts in the industry. You should expect the best from a South Florida moving company, and Established Moving & Storage delivers just that and then some. 


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