Why You Should Consider Moving to the Suburbs

For decades now, it has been a trend to move to the suburbs from the city at a certain point in life, namely after marriage or children have entered your life. But why should you consider moving to the suburbs? With so many benefits of living in the suburbs, some being less well known than others, it is a wonder that more people do not consider relocation when they have reached these life milestones or before they have.

Established Moving & Storage is here to make the picture clearer. Our team has specialized as a South Florida moving company conducting relocations of all kinds for years, many of which have been to the suburbs. We are giving our expert insight into suburban living here. Our team prides itself on our experience. We love to share information that could be of use to our current or future clients to make their move and adjust to their new homes easier.


Top Reasons to Move to the Suburbs

When considering the possibility of moving to the suburbs, it is important to understand what the advantages of suburbs are. This will give you a better understanding of what you can expect when moving to these less-urban atmospheres. The big three advantages of suburban neighborhoods and commuter cities are:

  • A mix of more space at a lower price
  • Heightened safety
  • Opportunities for children to grow up with amazing opportunities.

When it comes to the pricing of homes in the suburbs, the standard housing unit is not an apartment complex with high prices. Rather, it is a single family home that provides more space in both the square footage of the house and yards. Most cities cannot offer this opportunity due to how densely packed they are, but suburbs put their space to good use.

So far as safety goes, you can expect your neighborhood to be safer than your typical city block. Suburbs tend to have private security guards or an organized neighborhood watch force.

Lastly, a point has to be made about the education children will receive when they live in the suburbs. Suburban schools tend to be in better school districts and offer better schooling. This leads to heightened opportunities for those who graduate through their systems.

All in all, moving to the suburbs is a great decision for families.


Tips for Moving From an Apartment to a House

Most people living in cities live in apartments. When they are moving to the suburbs, they are likely relocating to single-family homes. Although these houses are one of the main advantages of living in the suburbs, they do pose issues when it comes to relocating to one from an apartment. Apartments tend to have fewer items in them than single-family homes. This typically means that they will require less manpower and space than relocations from houses, but there are other factors to consider.

The main consideration is that if you live in a complex with multiple floors, it can be very difficult to carry everything down flights of stairs. It could even take a very long time if you are able to use an elevator. Another consideration is the tight corners that will need to be maneuvered while taking larger pieces of furniture down to the moving truck. Hitting one could cause damage if you are inexperienced.

Luckily, there are many moving companies in South Florida that can perform these jobs for you. Using professionals means you don’t have to stress about this aspect of relocating. Just remember, only Established Moving & Storage can bring the South Florida residential moving services that you can trust to provide expert service at an affordable price.


The Top South Florida Residential Moving Services

Moving to the suburbs or the cities of South Florida is made easy when you enlist the help of Established Moving & Storage, the leader among South Florida moving companies. If you are interested in getting the perfect services for your next relocation, get started by getting your free online quote and see how affordable and amazing our services can be.

Get in touch with our movers today to learn more about our services and how they could help you relocate in a stress-free way. Interested in more insights from our team of professional South Florida movers? Be sure to take a look at some of our other relocation articles to get more information from experts in the industry.

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