Why Buy Instead of Rent?

Why buy instead of rent a house or apartment when you’re looking to move out for the first time or are considering moving to a new area? There are actually many reasons to consider making the change to homeownership. Established Moving & Storage is here to provide the biggest reasons to consider making this switch.

Our team has years of experience as the professional providers of moving services South Florida can trust to get the job done, no matter the circumstances. As such, we have conducted and consulted with other clients when it comes to their new living situations. We know all there is to know about the benefits of renting vs. owning and why you should consider homeownership as opposed to renting. Our team is happy to provide these insights in hopes that our current and future clients will be prepared for whatever can come during a relocation.


Differences Between Buying and Renting a House or Apartment

When discussing why buy instead of rent a home, it is important to not breeze over the very real benefits of renting a home as opposed to buying. When renting, you have a landlord who will be handling the financial aspects of fixes and will likely be taking charge of some of your utilities, whereas a homeowner will be handling these expenses alone.

If you are able to rent and are comfortable with the situation, then maybe it is perfect for your needs and wants, but there are many reasons to consider homeownership. For one, your rent cannot be raised since there is no landlord to pay, and you are the owner. Your mortgage will likely be taking the place of your rent and, depending on your situation, could be more or less than your rent previously was. The advantages of owning a home are not only linked to the financial differences linked to the status of renting or owning but also have implications for what you are allowed to do to your home.


Advantages of Buying a Home vs. Renting

If you are still trying to reason why to buy instead of renting your next home, then be sure to consider that possibly the biggest difference between renting and buying a house or apartment is the sheer amount of freedom you have to make decisions and changes regarding the home. Our South Florida moving company knows how difficult it can be for people with specific circumstances that landlords may not want to be a factor. These include things such as being a pet owner, for example, when you are looking to find a place to stay. When you are a homeowner, you typically won’t have to worry about these circumstances becoming issues. You are the owner, after all.

If you wish to make changes regarding the layout of your home, such as expanding the kitchen for more comfort or better use, you can. Homeownership offers the freedom that renting simply cannot. This is one important reason why you should consider it the best possible option if you are stuck between renting and owning. The most important part of making a switch to get to your new home is to ensure that you are going through your relocation with the leader among moving companies in South Florida, Established Moving & Storage.


South Florida Residential Moving Services

Are you considering relocation in the South Florida area and want to work with a company of professional movers that offer services and a quality of service that other South Florida moving companies can’t match? Established Moving & Storage is here to help! Get a free online quote today to see just how affordable a service of this quality can be.

If you are looking at a South Florida relocation, reach out to our team. You can learn more about our services and how they can benefit you next time you’re in the market for moving services. If you want to read more insights on relocations like this one, be sure to look at our moving and storage blog to get your information from professionals in the industry.


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